Leonardo Da Vinci and his Artwork

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Leonardo da Vinci is an artist who made paintings, sculptures, architecture and he was also an inventor under military engineering. Leonardo was from a peasant family his mum known as Caterina, and the father’s name was Ser Piero. He was born in the town of Vinci on 15th April of the year 1452 (“”Leonardo da Vinci”” 56). His parents were no living together and due to the struggles that Leonardo experienced he decided to move to Florence city when he turned fifteen.

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He ventured into arts whereby he discovered that he was talented and made some several paints in different versions while in the studio. His practice on the artist talent made him successful in the field. In 1482, Leonardo shifted to Milan where he started painting Virgin of the rocks under the patronage of Ludovico. Leonardo has had several artworks including the Last Supper, Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man, Self-portrait and the Virgin of the Rocks among others.

Last Supper

I will focus on his artwork of the Last Supper. The Last Supper is among the most famous paintings in the world. When Leonardo was painting that Last Supper art, hi work was monitored by his patron, Duke of Milan and Ludovico Sforza(Vinci 22). The Las Supper is an illustration of the events that have been stated in the gospel books like in Matthew. There is the connection of moments, especially where Jesus announces that one of his disciples will betray him. His disciples who surround him look to disagree with that statement whereby some yell in grieve and some whisper as they debate on whether that can happen. The oil-based paint made this art whether Jesus is at the center and surrounded by his apostles. Due to the painting techniques used by Leonard, the Last Super disintegrated as soon as it was completed. However, the viewers can clearly understand the simple composition o0f the art and easily relate to the last supper in the bible.

The Virgin of the Rocks

Another famous art made by Leonardo is that of the Virgin of the Rocks. This for5m of his painting is represented in two ways. After Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception commissioned his work in this art, there arose a dispute of the picture. Leonard was forced to paint another version of the same art. The new version still exists up-to-date, and it is stored in the gallery of London. The first mode of painting in Virgin of the Rock is that there are figures spotted in a linear and stiff form. These figures represent the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ who is the child, infant John, and the archangel. This composition is arranged in a pyramid shape where it clear that there are some interactions due to the glances and the gestures portrayed on the painted art. As per this painting art, Leonardo excludes the holy signifier which makes the Holy family appear to be more human and less divine. It also reveals that the Virgin Mary and Christ the child are on one side where Mary is the mother to Jesus. In this painting, the artist uses different techniques in his work. This is a good sign that improvements are made in his at work and likely to perform better in the future (Vinci and Leonardo 40).

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