Student at Mystic Falls High School

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Updated: Aug 30, 2023
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“Colleen is a student at Mystic Falls High School who has been having problems keeping up with her classmates. The student has been caught several times sleeping in class and failing to do her assignments. An in-depth research on her revealed that she is the mother of twin newborns and has been spending much of her time tending to the infants. Evidently, she has been unable to effectively concentrate on her school work, while her parents continue to pressure her to graduate.

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The student also shows signs of being withdrawn with no friends by her side.

Teen parenting is one of the major problems faced by students in schools today. The complex and demanding nature of the issue has forced the majority of the learners to drop out of school, while others struggle to keep up with their coursework. The nature of the problem creates the need for immediate action to be taken with a view to helping the students, by determining a long-term solution. Furthermore, the solution should also be able to take into consideration the immediate environment of the student, as well as the institutional area. Such factors ensure coordinated growth in the long run.

Course of Action

The theoretical aspects to be used to help the student necessitate first understanding the problem at hand and clearly defining it. The student explained that she has been forced to take up a job to support her children. Her boyfriend left her immediately after childbirth, and her parents have provided little support. She feels the social stigma that comes with her decision to keep the pregnancy, therefore, causing her to lose most of her friends. She explains that she has been labeled a failure, with most of the adults in her life shying away from helping her. Some parents have even warned their children to stay away from her.

The best course of action in such a case involves the adoption of theoretical and practical exercises which ensure that long-term solutions are provided to the student. The problem is significantly compounded. This makes it crucial that comprehensive solutions are enacted. In that case, it is important to involve the educators in creating an enabling environment that helps prevent the student from dropping out of school. It is the duty of the educators to develop a small school setting dedicated to serving students like Colleen. The setting should understand and recognize the extra needs of such students and allow them to fulfill their duties as both mothers and learners (Coyle et al., 2016). The school also has a duty to collaborate with outside community-based organizations which can help the students access vital health programs such as counseling. The psychological nature of the problem necessitates an even more effective program and support group to assist the student through this phase of life.

Provision of academic support services such as extra tuition is also essential. The teachers have the duty to create an effective school climate, achievable only through direct contact with the student. The academic support programs transcend school life and incorporate essential factors like the student’s career path and the long-term structural features needed over the years. The creation of successful school-based programs for teen mothers also assists in instilling a sense of belonging and long-term development in the student’s life (Lindley & Walsemann, 2015). Additionally, this approach helps create a supportive environment that the student can thrive in, reducing the social stigma that Colleen experiences in her social life.

Discussion on Research

Research carried out to determine a solution for the problem has indicated the need for a comprehensive support system. The research program recognizes and values the role played by different people in achieving success for the student. It necessitates integrating additional actions in a way that considers the student’s welfare. For instance, the school is obliged to provide a stable and consistent environment supporting students’ social, emotional, and physical needs (Black, Devereux, & Salvanes, 2018). The support system plays a critical role in the upkeep of their school life. In Colleen’s case, additional focus on her academic life requires periodical reviews of her progress and integration of supplementary tuition programs to help her keep up with her peers.

The research programs also endeavor to formulate ways that can decrease the likelihood of recurrent teenage pregnancies while enhancing parenting skills. The ongoing research aims to raise awareness of the social impact of the problem. It also aids the student in quickly moving on from the problem by understanding it and devising long-term resolutions. Essentially, teenage mothers in schools are led to realize that an active academic and professional life can persist after childbirth, and they can effectively accomplish their goals and objectives despite numerous hurdles. The programs are predominantly community-based, fostering a positive relationship between the students and older individuals (Russell, 2016). Therefore, the research strives to diminish stigmatization in the community by emphasizing the need for positive relationships. Evidently, the research in this area suggests that encouraging students in various instances significantly motivates their school attendance.

Also of importance is considering the student’s welfare. Research programs highlight diverse methods through which the teenage mother can build self-confidence and make informed long-term decisions (Marseille et al., 2018). This approach enables them to adopt an independent method through which their educational and social life grows and develops. The school needs to train its teachers to devise lesson plans that incorporate self-advocacy and life skill development. For instance, the school can introduce yoga exercises, which have been shown to help students cope with the psychological stress that comes with teenage pregnancy. Lessons in such environments empower students to confront bullies within their communities. It also facilitates better communication with parents and emphasizes their support’s importance. Crucially, these lessons boost the students’ confidence, guiding their social life. They are also able to adequately support their children, striking a balance between motherhood and school work. Such factors are critical for the long-term pursuit of their careers.

Summary and Conclusion

It is important for the educational team to follow the adopted solution in assisting the student with her educational and social life on a daily basis. Individuals should strive to create an enabling school environment that empowers the student. They should gain important virtues related to self-growth, thus easily achieving their long-term objectives. Furthermore, educators need to appreciate the role played by the external community. In this context, the community aids in procuring healthy benefits for the student, including access to qualified personnel in counseling and mentorship which assists them in dealing with societal stigma. Teachers also need to embrace regulatory measures through which the academic life of the student is secured. Adopting extra tuition programs and adjusting certain school activities demonstrate their understanding nature, discouraging the student from dropping out of school. This approach aids in fostering a sense of development, encouraging the student to focus on their education.

The achievements witnessed by research programs can guide educators in finding the right solutions to assist the student. The widespread nature of the problem provides them with an opportunity to develop a long-term solution, which can be reiterated in the future. The efficacy of the solution will be based on the student’s grades and concentration levels. Additionally, their social life will be examined by monitoring and analyzing their interactions within the society.”

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