Joanne Orlando

Should cellphones be allowed in schools, is a question that has been up for debate for the longest time. There are people who believe a cell phone shouldn’t be allowed in schools, but there are others who beg to differ. At the end of the day who are the people that are in the right and who are the people that are in the wrong?
It is true that cell phones are and can be a distraction to many young adults. If you are to look decades back into the past, you wouldn’t be seeing this much of a distraction coming from something like a cell phone. It is ought to believe that cell phones are horrible when it comes to school, but are they really that bad for the kids? Now in the modern era we live in, many counties, and schools have come to the conclusion that cellular devices are a great resource for many reasons. “Smartphones in

Class Not So Dumb After All by: Joanne Orlando, who is leading in children and technology believes that, “using smartphones to create and record music, to develop e-books, to create apps, organize group work, to identify and critique a series of art images, to use Instagram to identify how young artists today apply Picasso’s techniques. Joanne is saying that there are ways that cell phones can be incorporated into school work. Joanne Orlando has focused on researching the teaching, learning, and social effect of children’s uses of technology. She has received her PhD and Med, as well as receives an award for outstanding research impact. Joanne has taken her time in trying to understand what is bad and what is good when it comes to technology and children. Joanne has realized that technology can be a major distraction for students when it comes to school, her research has helped her understand that. Throughout her article she states how much of a positive impact cell phones have in schools but she is also aware of the downside when it comes to cell phones.

She is understanding and isn’t just closed off to her idea being correct. Cell phones may be an amazing resource in school but it most definitely isn’t something that is a necessity; there are more negative things than there are positive things when it comes to cell phones in schools.
Cell phones are prone to being one of the biggest distractions in our kid’s world today. They already are a big distraction out of school, but when it comes to it becomes something they can’t keep their eyes off. To many students school isn’t usually where they want to be so their phone is kind of their escape. Since these children decide to turn to their phone as their “escape you can say, it is one of the leading distractions in a school environment. Brooke Olsen Romney is the writer of the article “U.S, Students Need a Cellphone Detox. Brooke is a mom and just a freelance blogger. She says that “Instead of fighting phones, they give students the freedom to choose: Put them away and learn, or keep them out and do poorly. Imagine a typical middle school boy. Will rocks and minerals capture his attention or Fortnite on his phone?

You don’t have to get too deep into brain research to know that he will often make the wrong choice. Honestly, she is correct, phones have taken a toll in the life of many young adults. It may not seem as if phones can be that big of a distraction but they really are. Brooke may not be a very much experience person in the field of technology or children with technology but she is a mom, and she really sees how these phones can affect the lives of these students. Phones have become such a necessity in the everyday lives of these young adults that schools don’t really see the need of not allowing it anymore and don’t really understand what these phones
are doing to these kids.

There is an upside too cell phones but at the end of the day these phones are slowly ruining the minds of these children. By these phones being such a distraction, they aren’t really letting these kids learn which will eventually lead these kids to not understand what is happening in the world anymore, these kids won’t be able to understand what’s good or what’s bad and most definitely they won’t be able to go along with their daily life because they aren’t able to do math. No matter what
way you really put the situation cellphones are most definitely a good resource to students but they aren’t as much of a good resource as they are a distraction.

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