Jack Worthingis a Fashionable Young Man

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“Jack Worthingis a fashionable young man who lives in the country with his ward, Cecily Cardew. He has invented a rakish brother named Ernest whose supposed exploits give Jack an excuse to travel to London periodically to rescue him. Jack is in love with Gwendolen Fairfax, the cousin of his friend Algernon Moncrieff. Gwendolen, who thinks Jack’s name is Ernest, returns his love, but her mother, Lady Bracknell, objects to their marriage because Jack is an orphan who was found in a handbag at Victoria Station. Jack discovers that Algernon has been impersonating Ernest in order to woo Cecily, who has always been in love with the imaginary rogue Ernest. Ultimately it is revealed that Jack is really Lady Bracknell’s nephew, that his real name is Ernest, and that Algernon is his brother. The play ends with both couples happily united.

The theme of “The Importance of Being Earnest” is the lie which is to get out of societal or family obligation and do something more gratifying. However, some characters hold honesty in excessive regard. Not to mention, we see how hard it is for them to set matters straight as soon as they’ve lied about them. As the receives an increasing number of complicated, characters have to weave greater complicated lies to get out of the tangles of their previous lies. Eventually they attain the factor the place lies will no longer work and the fact is revealed. Perhaps the most hanging issue is that none of the characters ever shows proper regret or guilt about lying. Also, questions whether marriage is pleasurable or a limiting social duty. In general, the older generation thinks of marriage as a capability to an end, a way of keeping or bettering your social position. If you want to get married, you submit to an interrogation: “”State your name, rank, and serial number.”” The variety that matters in this case, however, is your income; you would higher have bank. You additionally need to have an acceptable title, alongside with the dad and mom to prove it. The hot-blooded kids think they are interested in love. One of the huge ironies in the play—and what makes it a satire of Victorian society—is that, in the end, no one really breaks the rules. They shade inside the lines and marry exactly the kind of individual their society expects them to.

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Respect and reputation those considered upper class cared about being respectable so much that they do a lot of lying about it. In general, Victorian upper-class society holds barely different expectations of men and women. Men need to be honorable, rich, and from a precise family. Women want to be honorable, rich, from a good family, and chaste. Any deviation from the regulations such as being born poor, or being found in a handbag, in Jack’s case may additionally prevent a younger person from making an appropriate, match, and continuing his noble line. Like in society today the differences between the behavior of how, the upper-class act and how the lower-class act is no different from today. The upper class show a terrific deal of pleasure and pretense, feeling that they are inherently entitled to their wealth and greater social position. They are so preoccupied with preserving their status that they shortly squash any signs and symptoms of rebellion. Meanwhile the lower class remains humble and wanting a change in their lives. The gender role is not too much different as men being the head and making the decision and women playing the role of the house wife, unfortunately women wasn’t happy, so they decided to create diaries and write about their fantasies. Lastly, it’s hard to tell if Wilde’s concept of romance is real love or not at time things are said and you don’t know if it a joke or not.

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