Is Fast Food Tasty and Harmful

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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At all times people were thinking about how to eat on the run and not to stain your hands. Even in ancient Rome, commercial squares traded flat bread with vegetables, cheese and grilled meats. The pellets were used as edible plates, and bazaar visitors was spared from having to wipe their hands on togas and tunics.

Over time mankind became more and more inventive. So, the creator of hot dog, a sausage dealer from Louisiana, was initially distributed gloves to this customers, this way they could hold the hot dogs and don’t burn their fingers.

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But the venture proved unprofitable. Customers keep forgetting to return the gloves. Counting the damage, the businessman realized that it is cheaper to put a sausage in a bun, and the hot dog was born.

But the present prosperity of the fast food system has reached it’s top with a network of McDonald’s restaurants. Founders were the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc – the inventor of mixing milkshakes machine. It’s been 60 years since advent of network, and now it is difficult to find a country where there is not a single restaurant McDonald’s.

Almost all restaurants preparing their fast food with TRANS fats use. They are liquid fats (e.g., vegetable oil). Such fats are found mainly in margarine. In addition of the ability to increase cholesterol level in the blood, TRANS fats have harmful effects on the liver and disrupt metabolism. Besides, all the dishes that are prepared in oil, such as French fries, absorb huge amounts of fat. And it’s excess calories, excess cholesterol, and stress on the digestive system.

Fast food usually is absorbed on the run, with huge chunks. And as you know, the feeling of fullness comes only after some time. Therefore, eating in a hurry increases risk of overeating. Besides, not chewing food thoroughly, you are giving unnecessary strain to the stomach, which can “answer” you with acute gastritis, diarrhea, constipation and other problems.

We need only small amount of salt for the normal body functioning. Mainly salt consists two elements – sodium and chlorine and a small amount of impurities. Our body needs sodium in order to maintain water balance, transmitting nerve impulses and normal function of muscles. But to avoid health problems, you only need about one milligram of sodium per day, or a quarter teaspoon of salt. And all that you get over this level, can significantly harm the body. Kidneys can not cope with the excess salt that gradually accumulate, holding water in the blood vessels, which causes swelling and increased blood pressure. That is why the physicians are advised to very carefully monitor the salt intake for people with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, those who have a problem with the kidneys, as well as women in late pregnancy.

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