International and U.S Helping IIlegal Immigration

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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International and U.S Helping IIlegal Immigration

Focusing on a global perspective, this essay analyzes how international factors, coupled with US policies, inadvertently assist or perpetuate illegal immigration. Drawing from geopolitical events, international treaties, and domestic policies, it showcases the complex interplay of factors that influence migration patterns. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Crime topic.

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The International and U.S aid are agencies that help out civilian foreign aid especially those countries who are considered 3rd world countries. Which have less than a 1st world country has, such as more job opportunities, money, education and overall less crime. The overall issue for 3rd world countries is that the crime rate is very high as well as the homicide rate. And as of now it is increasing. The U.S aid is part of the government, and helps out Latin America.

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Latin America has always had to face difficult tasks, which are only getting worse. Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are currently facing the toughest challenges of their lives. These 3 countries are getting financial help from the International and U.S aid.

Frequent Migrant Caravans are happening every couple months, the most recent one has been the migrant caravan from Honduras. Which started in October 2018, and is still currently happening as of December of 2018. The migrant caravan number was over 1,500 people, who crossed into Guatemala to be able to come into the United States, and 1 man was interviewed with the name Efrain he stated I want to work-any job I’ll do ..All these people are trying to mainly escape violence, because the homicide rate is constantly increasing, the caravans find it an easier option to immigrate instead, because honestly there is not much to really do about it. President Donald Trump is fed up on this situation, which the Trump Administration chose to use tear gas on the migrant caravan and add more troops which only resulted a failure It is definitely is not easy for the United States to handle this situation the easy way. The United States is already at a high population so it would be difficult to let the people in. To try to avoid these types of situations is why the International and U.S aid come in, to help out those countries.

Money that is sent to Latin America is to help them make their countries a better place to live in. But the Latin American governments especially from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are not fully equipped, the media is constantly showing that the government does not do much or even try to protect and help the citizens. Because as of right now 2018 Honduras is considered the Most dangerous country in the world as it is also ranked #1 to having the most homicides in the world. People rely and have hope that the government will take control and try to decrease crime and homicide. But the government is just not putting as much effort as they should, which is why their only option is to try to go to another country. Because media is constantly showing that they are facing tough challenges in their everyday life. They claim that their best options are to move to another country, but the American citizens do not like that much, which the Migrant Caravan are now being called a group of Invaders. There is a mixed feelings about this caravan some people consider them to be refugees and others called them invaders. So really this situation is considered out of control, the U.S aid is only trying to figure out this damage, because as of right now this has just expanded and it will only keep expanding for the worse. If these 3 countries would not have so much poverty, crime and homicide going on. They would not have the need to immigrate to another country.

The overall issue about Illegal Immigration not stopping is that Latin America is relying mostly on the United States, because everyone wants the American Dream and unfortunately we cannot all have the American Dream. It makes is too difficult for the United States to handle it in such a small amount of time. The United States is always sending money to help the Latin American citizens to make their lives better and stable, so they would not have to go through this process. The U.S always offers asylum to those in need, the International and U.S aid always support countries with need.

The Government plays a major role when it comes to Illegal Immigration. In fact, it is one of the toughest situations that it deals with and it will never end. Because every year 3rd world countries start getting worse. The government does not like illegal immigration, but it does have 2 sides that disagree with each other. Democrats which is in favor that illegal immigrants deserve a better life and are welcomed into the United States and the Republicans which are the total opposite who oppose illegal immigration and believe only people who come into the United States LEGALLY are welcomed. A lot of times illegal immigrants try to become legal the illegal way, a U.S court case in 2012 Chaidez v United States, involved a 55 year old woman who came into the United States illegally during the 70s and has been considered an Alien throughout all the years she has been living in the United States. In 2004 she was involved in a mail fraud, which she had pleaded guilty on. The Chaidez v United States involved the 6th Amendment, which the sixth amendment involves criminal prosecutions. Which related to Roselva Chaidez, her situation also involved Padilla v Kentucky which was about if Padilla did not announce a new rule it would not be retroactively to this case. Even though Roselva Chaidez was illegal her attorney never told her that the case would end up leading to an automatic deportation. Instead her attorney told her to be patient and just wait so things can be solved in the best way. Because there are times we end up doing too much just because we are in need and have no other option.

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