How does Social Media Affect Teenagers’ Views on being Single Vs. being in a Relationship?

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Updated: Jun 22, 2022
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This research task has been interesting. Because the topic “In what way has social media influenced Cedar House students aged 16 to 18’s view of being single vs. being in a relationship?” applies so much to me, I have been engaged thoroughly throughout this process. I think this topic needed to be discussed because social media is such a large component of our lives nowadays and therefore being extremely influencing. It is a small issue I wanted to look further into, but unfortunately when an issue is small there is little research done thus making it difficult for me to find information.

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In my findings I found it difficult to pinpoint how exactly social media influences the opinion on teenagers of being single v.s. being in a relationship. My research on the internet was limited, most of my resources were from magazine online sites or non-reliable articles.

I found it hard to find any really strong and solid information on this topic. I do acknowledge that my topic is not that much of an issue in society today, but for the sake of this task I would have liked more in depth research to have been done specifically on how teenagers today view their relationship status. I then compiled a simple worded survey to gather some raw, honest opinions from my peers at Cedar House that would be more of a solid information source than my findings on the internet. My first shock was the ratio of how many more women did my survey than men, I would really like to, in my own time, try and figure out why that happened. Most of my other responses I did expect.

I would have like more males to have done my survey as well as just more people in general. I think that thirty five people is a decent amount but I was aiming at fifty and above. I did find that my survey did not really give me that much more perspective in how social media specifically influences teenager’s views on being single or being in a relationship. I would in future put in more questions that ask the teenager in what way does social media make them feel that way. This research task has been very challenging for me, due to the fact that there is not a lot of research done on this topic.

But I do feel that the task has been successful in the way that I have found my own information through the primary research I conducted. I am happy faith my findings even if they do not make a huge difference in the world. Little issues like my topic “In what way has social media influenced Cedar House students aged 16 to 18’s view of being single vs. being in a relationship?” should be looked at from time to time so that we can assess how it has progress over time, otherwise we would have nothing to look back on.

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