Do Social Media Play a Big Role in Exacerbating Disputes between Partners

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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This was my ninth question that whether social media plays a big role to escalate any kind of argument between partners or not. This question was designed to see to what extent believe that social media plays a role to escalate fight between partners where 43.3% strongly agreed, 36.7% agreed, 10% disagreed and 10% strongly disagreed with the options. This question asked to see it agrees with the hypothesis or not and here 80% in total agreed with the question that social media does play a role to have any kind of fight between partners.

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So, this shows that it agrees with my hypothesis in a way.

This question was whether people think that staying active for too long on social media can be one of the reasons for a break up where 60% disagreed with my question. 30% said may be and 10% said yes therefore 40% think that it can be one of the reasons but majority of the people think that it cannot be a reason for a break up.

This was another question asked to see whether they have experience of witnessing fight which was directly related to social media and if yes then how many times they have witnessed it. Here, 3.3% said once, 20% said twice, 60% said countless times and 16.7% said never. Therefore it can be said that except those 16.7%, the rest have witnessed it once, twice or countless times which shows that social media does play a role to rise up any kind of fight between partners.

This was purely an open ended question where it asked to people that what impact they think social media have on relationship. Here, different people gave different answers as people have different attitude towards social media and every relationship is unique in its own way. Overall I got a few answers where respondents where very optimistic about social media as they think that social media helps to communicate better with their partners and it also makes their bond stronger with their partners on the other hand it was seen that people have various related to social media, although they like using social media but they also believe that trust issues and many other issues arise due to the presence of social media.

This website includes an article that discusses a survey that is conducted by The Teen Advisory Board for My Future-MY Choice. This program called MY FUTURE- MY CHOICE focuses on relationship safety. It also mentions how the survey showed results of certain social media websites being the start and finish of many relationships and impacting them in a negative way as well as a positive way.

This article states both the positive and negative impact of social media on relationship therefore it can be said that it partially agrees with my hypothesis. Since my hypothesis was trust issues take place due to the presence of social media and in this article one of the negative impacts of social media was trust so it can be said that this agrees with my hypothesis to some extent.

This article explains how technology is changing romance for the good and the bad. The author explains how it is easy to meet with new people and find dates. By explaining how easy it is to connect with others on a sexual level, it will show the audience why people have trust issues with their partners having accounts on these social applications. The information given also suggests that people are resorting to technology to find out more about someone rather than making memories with that person and finding out the information face to face.

It mainly talks about how technology has changed people to make love with someone and in one of the parts it states that why people suffer from trust issues due to social media. Since it talks about both positive and negative aspects of social media, it can be concluded that this piece of source partially agrees with my hypothesis.

This is an online article which explains how cell phones and social media are becoming tools for abuse when it comes to dating among teenagers. The information give here is useful to anyone who may be personally victimized by this type of abuse. It also includes different signs of digital abuse and how to know that you are in an abusive relationship. Knowing this information will help to explain how social media is going to become even more detrimental to relationships in today’s society than it used to be.

This source overall talks about few kinds of problems people face nowadays which was not present before the invention of social media. People face from different issues and the root of some of the issues are due to lack of trust so it can be said that it particular source agrees with my hypothesis.

This source gives information on the correlation between trust within relationships and social networking. There are many experiments and surveys that take place and can give the audience a better understanding of how couples of all ages are affected by social media. There is one experiment in particular that asks men and women what they share with their partner when it comes to their social media accounts. These include things such as sharing password, knowing their friends and even account access. The information given helps the audience understand how men and women are affected by social media and trust within their relationship.

This source gives us an idea that how social media has any effect on relationship or not. It talks about trust within their relationship which I think agreed with my hypothesis as couples like to share password and other things with their partners and they do it out of insecurity. So, it can be said that this source totally agrees with my hypothesis.

Social media historian Alison Graham expresses her point of view about the impact that the use of social media has on the relationships between people. The attention that the cell phone demands on people is greater than the importance of personal interaction and communication. Teens are also staying connected on social media to make themselves feel good by raising their self esteem.

This particular source states how people feel when they stay active online, how important it has become for the people to stay on social media than giving importance to personal interaction. Overall , it does not state that trust issues arise because of social media so it can be said that this neither agrees nor disagrees with my hypothesis.

The American Technology journalist Paul Miller unplugged off the internet for a whole year and described his experience and the learning from it. He said that the internet and social media has made an intervention between the journalist and the people that he valued the most. On the other hand, staying away from social media has enabled him to work on himself and his surrounding environment improved. He has also described how much he missed his nieces by not being able to connect through the internet. Overall, he gave an overall view that how internet takes time away from us but it also provides people with information and experiences.

This particular experience of Paul Miller, gives us an idea that internet wastes our valuable time to a large extent although it has also become very important to stay connected with our loved ones. So, overall it does not agree with my hypothesis and it does not disagree with my hypothesis as well.

This artifact is presented as a question. The writer has not failed to mention the perks of technology but also he said how it can hurt the way we communicate. Simons shares his experience using technology and not using technology. The advancement of technology is going to keep better until it takes over any other form of communication. This makes other discoveries offline as we get the world at our finger tips. There is no factual evidence to back up his statements but common sense makes his arguments valid.

This particular source also agrees partially with my hypothesis as it says that technology destroys our interpersonal communication. Inspite of having so many advantages of technology, it is destroying our interpersonal communication. Overall, it can be said that, this source agrees with my hypothesis to some extent.

This source discusses about the addiction of internet on us. It states that a feeling of social isolation exists as there is physical contact between two online friends. People now hide behind their phones. Lickerman gives a list of things we should do and should not do over the internet. He says that we should online communication to talk about trivial things and let our emotions be expressed in person. He then concludes by saying that when giving comfort to someone online or over text, our words do not hold as much sincerity as they would face-to-face.

This source talks about the importance of face-to-face interaction and how it has faded away due to the invention of social media. It also gives a list of things that we should follow to maintain a good relationship with our real friends and family. It does not directly talks about rising trust issues among partners but it does state that there is a lack of transparency in real relationship and we value our online world more than our real world so it can be said that it partially agrees with my hypothesis.

This article states whether facebook helps or harms our relationship depends on how we use it.It states that facebook can have both positive and negative effect on relationships, but it all depends on what type of person we are with and how we use the social networking site. If we tend to be jealous and untrusting or tend to overuse Facebook, then it could make things worse. On the other hand, when starting a relationship, Facebook can be used as a positive tool.

In the above article, it talks about both positive and negative effect of social media. It states how facebook helps couples to make a good bond with one another and it also harms a relationship by arising issues like jealousy and mistrust. It states that it depends on how we use social media in our relationship. Therefore, I can be said that this source partially agrees with my hypotheis.

The article states that the increased use of social media can lead to an increased lack of trust among partners. It states that social media plays a vital role not only to make interpersonal relationship but also to make romantic connection. But it also states that it can be fruitful for some and disastrous for some which depends on social media usage. It also states that by spending more time with our online friends than we do with our partners will send a message that our partners are not important enough for us which can lead to mistrust and misunderstanding.

Therefore, it can be said that the above source agrees with my hypothesis as my hypothesis was it creates trust issues among partners due to the presence of social media and in this article it talks about how mistrust and misunderstanding happens among partners which indicates that trust issues do arise due to the presence of social media therefore it agrees with my hypothesis.

Overall, it was a great experience. I got to learn a lot of things while doing this project but I also had to go through some obstacles too. First of all it was not easy to get secondary sources as there were a lot of articles of the positive impact of social media on relationship. Therefore, I had to struggle a lot to relate each source with my hypothesis. Secondly, my survey questions had both closed ended questions and open ended questions therefore many of the respondents did not wanted to fill up those open ended questions or just simply tried to avoid those questions which slightly distorted my findings. Lastly, due to time restrain I could not take more survey samples and I had to take my survey in North South University only, if I had time then I would have taken survey from different university students and also my respondents would have been with a wider age range.

Undoubtedly social media plays a very big role in our lives nowadays. People like to use the social networking sites and they like to spend time on it for hours. People have chosen this path to stay connected with their friends and family. There is no question regarding the fact that social media enables people to communicate with their loved ones as it is one of the easiest and fastest ways. Due to the availability of smart phones in our hands, people find it easier to share each and everything about themselves on social networking sites even their uttermost personal things like relationship. Many people like to flaunt their relationship on social media and they get pleasure by letting everyone know what they feel about their partners but it has some drawbacks too and among those disadvantages, there is one thing that is experienced or witnessed by most people, which is trust issue. As our communication has got easier so is our level of misunderstanding. Nowadays a screenshot is given more credit than words spoken. The research was conducted to see whether people also believe this hypothesis or not. Through the research it has been found out that people face from trust issues because of the presence of social media which did not existed in the past. Therefore, it showed that the hypothesis of this research was proven right

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