Understanding Anxiety and Personality Disorders and their Impact on our Life

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Updated: Nov 11, 2022
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Anxiety is a term that people use to describe the feeling of being eager to want something to happen, or when some are worried about the uncertainty of the outcome of something. Anxiety is usually a negative feeling. Regarding mental health and in regards to a personality disorder, anxiety can be defined as having a constant worry which may hinder one from carrying out normal activities. Anxiety disorders manifest in different ways such as panic attacks, general anxiety, antisocial personality disorder, and having phobias for specific situations, environments, and objects (Von et al.

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, 2017).

The antisocial personality disorder is a mental issue where people with the condition can’t seem to differentiate being harsh and kind to others hence; they end up offending others. Such people get called Psychopaths. Psychopaths mostly end up being lawbreakers or even drugs addicts. They find it hard to take up family responsibilities, fail in school work and even at work. The article will talk about the symptoms of the disorder, the leading causes, complications, and methods of preventing mental illness. Also, from the references, a few cases of applying the idea with the analysis of psychological well-being will be given, and a summary of the study.

The main indicators that show when an individual has the syndrome include the following. They end up doing something wrong to others and not feel remorseful about it because they can’t see the fault in their wrongdoings. They are also caught up in a lot of deception hence they are not trustworthy. They also handle people with a lot of disrespect, use their gems to have their way with others selfishly. They appear to be very impulsive because they usually don’t analyze the implications of their actions and they get involved in abusive relationships often (Townsend and Morgan, 2017).

The above symptoms all originate from their inability to differentiate what is wrong and right. Psychopaths tend to believe that all their actions are correct according to them, and with their impulsiveness, they easily hurt the people around them. However, the difference lies with their IQ level. Some psychopaths are wiser because of their High IQ, and they harm people less. They can measure their impulsiveness hence use it to their advantage.

The leading causes of antisocial personality disorder have not yet established. However, the shaping of an individual’s character and personality starts when they are still a child, and a lot of factors play in determining how they turn out such as the environment they grow in, the experiences they go through and the exposure. Also, personality traits and disorders can be genetically inherited. But in overall, the sentiments that people develop and manners that they pick up is what distinguishes them from the rest and build up their personality. Most people, however, associate the disorder with a traumatic childhood experience which changed their brain development (Clement et al., 2015).

Some typical examples of victims with the disorder includes a driver on the road racing at high speed, oblivious of the safety of other road users or traffic rules. Such a person can end up causing accidents. Another typical example of people diagnosed with the condition is an employee or a worker who often cracks at others and are very hostile. They tend to be very belligerent even in meetings and shout at everyone even when they don’t get disrespected. Most people with criminal records also suffer from this disorder. Those are some common working examples of diagnosed people. In some rare cases, they portray charm which they use to deceive people to achieve their ambitions.

Most research on mental health has established some situations that may contribute to people having an antisocial personality disorder. They include growing up in an unstable family coupled with a lot of violence. Also, getting abandoned as a child or not having parental care, spending a lot of time alone as a child due to being neglected most of the time, facing child mishandling and exploitation, among many more negative childhood experiences.

From the reported cases, some of the implication that the disorder has on the society include the rise of gangs. A lot of criminal records such as homicide and theft get affiliated to groups who are people with this mental disorder. They, therefore, engage in violent activities and even go to the extent of murder. This issue leads to the loss of lives in society, property damage and imprisonment. With the rise of gangs, social and economic development gets hindered. Another implication of antisocial anxiety is failed marriages, broken families. Homelessness and substance abuse. Children who grow up with parents who are victims of the disorder are faced with the above challenges and may even acquire the mental illness (American Psychiatric Association, 2017).

Preventive measures can be taken to prevent the occurrence of antisocial personality disorder, especially if there is a history of existence in a family. Since it develops from childhood, if an individual gets spotted with early signs, then appropriate actions can be taken. Therefore, parents, tutors, guardians and pediatricians should be on the lookout for the signs. Steps to take include parental care and guidance to the children, especially on conduct adjustment. Also, problem analysis and solving skills are encouraged for kids, and in worse conditions, psychotherapy treatment can get administered to the victims in a bid to improve the situation. Better off, children should not be subjected to an adverse environment when growing up to help them develop good personality traits.

The antisocial personality disorder is a mental illness that victims usually battle with throughout their lives. The warning behaviors that generally identify the victims are destructive characters and being barbaric. However, with early diagnosis and treatment, the condition is customarily treated, and the negative aspects reduce with time. Victims of the disorder tend to show the signs early even before they become adults. They should, therefore, be encouraged by their loved ones to seek professional help to improve their condition. Also, a lot of research has been done to establish that the cases of the disorder are familiar with men than women.

Mental health is a growing need in today’s society as a lot of people battle with disorders such as antisocial personality disorder. People need to be sensitized on the causes so that we reduce on the growing cases. Also, when properly educated, society can help outreach the victims and help them get help. With proper physical and, mental health, it is more likely for the community to grow economically because the productiveness of the people gets improved because of reduced cases of violence and gangs.

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