Horror of Violence in Schools

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Updated: Dec 07, 2019
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Horror of Violence in Schools essay

Violence in schools is really bad for students. In Central for Disease Control and Prevention it says “Acts of violence can disrupt the learning process and have a negative effect on students, the school itself, and the broader community.” Even though it will be bad for the people that are doing violent things but the people around them also. So it is not good for any of us. Violence can happen in so many different ways. It can happen by someone being bullied and they finally snap and punch them back. They can do just do it just because. Or even gang violence. School violence is a confusing  problem, making it really hard for professionals to find the actual causes of school violence. The statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice show that crime rates in United States have decreased over the years.  However,  mainly teenagers and children does school violence. On a website called crf-usa.org, it says that 8% percent of teachers were terrorized by children of teenagers no more than once a month. Only 2% divulge that were hurt physically by children and teenagers a year. Sadly school-based fatalities are occurring frequently. According to Statista.com 173 deaths and 208 injuries occurred in school shootings from 1989 thru 2018.Most education researchers agree that school violence arises from many causes such as access to weapons, media/TV/Video game violence, internet abuse, community, family environments, and personal depression.

One of the many reasons for violence in schools is access to weapons. On the website called Constitutional Rights Foundation it says “In two recents academic years, a total of 85 young people died violently in U.S. schools. Seventy-five percent of these events involved firearms.” it also says “Many teens still illegally carry guns and harm others.” It is basically teens that are doing gun violence. It is not just teens that have access to guns. On a website called crf-usa.org it says “According to University of Southern California School of Medicine, almost 35% of United States homes with children under 18 have at least one firearm which is about 11 million kids live with firearms in their house.” Which will lead to something bad happening. This will lead to them coming to their school and shooting whoever they want. The National Institute of Health Study interviewed 1,219 seventh and tenth graders in Boston and Milwaukee and it states that 42% said “they can get a gun if they wanted to and 28% of students handled a gun without a adult knowledge.” So it mostly gives them a free access to a gun. On the website called Constitutional Rights Foundation it says a 2007 study by University of California at Davis’ Violence Prevention Research Program concluded that American gun shows continue to be a venue for illegal activity, including unlicensed sales to prohibited individuals. Mainly this means that gun shows will be easier to purchase guns without a background check. Which will make things way much easier for teens to get a gun. Also on Constitutional Rights Foundation it says that a guy named Cho bought is weapons from a licensed dealer, but he was mentally unstable.” Some weapons dealers check for their license but not their background information. With teens, they can have a fake I.D. but the dealers do not go look at their background. According to The Guardian, “22% of current gun owners who acquired a firearm within the past 2 years sold weapons without a background check. By this, it will lead to school violence and hurt a lot of students.

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Another one of the many reasons for school violence is media, T.V, and video games. On the website called Constitutional Rights Foundation is says “Ohio State University discovered high school students have more exposure to violent video games held more pro-violent attitudes, had more hostile personalities, were less forgiving, believed violence to be normal, and behave more aggressively in their daily lives.” The longer children or teenagers play with violent video games the more they will be used to being violent. Not just in video games, T.V, or media but in reality. By watching violent things, it will make violence a second nature to them. With video games, it will give them ways to hurt or even kill someone. It is not just video games. On the website called “Emerald Insight” it says that “Victims experience strong negative effects.” So this means that when people bully other people, the victims will have a negative effect on themselves.

Another way of cyber abuse is T.V. On a website called “TV Violence and Children” it says “Television can be a powerful influence developing value systems and shaping behavior.” and it says that children will think that violence will solve problems. That is how T.V will trick you at things. Making teens and children think that violence is okay but in reality it is not.

Video games have grown in popularity among children and adolescents in today’s society, especially violent video games. With about 6 billion kids ages 2–17 that play video games, it is a growing hobby. With the recent events such as, the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting that occurred during February of 2018, there are some experts that think violent video games contribute to students committing school gun violence. Some experts’ findings are listed below:

The American Psychological Association (APA), in an Aug. 13, 2015 press release wrote:”The research demonstrates a consistent relation between violent video game use and increases in aggressive behavior, aggressive cognitions and aggressive affect, and decreases empathy and sensitivity.

“Marianna King, MA, Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University, in a Mar. 8, 2017 wrote:”An overlooked but highly potent factor in youth violence and gun violence is the influence of first-person shooter video games.

Research during the past 10 years  has shown that media violence and especially violent video games cause increased violent behavior. Also research suggests that playing a realistic first-person shooter game with a firearm controller may be for concern as a possible risk for developing violent behavior.

Most research on the impact of media violence on aggressive behavior has focused on violence in fictional television and film and video games is not surprising given the amount of violence in the news, internet and video games. Children in the United States spend an average of 3-4 four hours per day viewing television, and over 60% of programs contain some violence. Children are also spending a large amount of time playing video games, most contain violence. Video game units are now in 83% of homes with children.

Additionally, research suggests that playing a realistic first-person shooter game with a firearm controller may be for concern as a possible risk for developing violent behavior.

Most research on the impact of media violence on aggressive behavior has focused on violence in fictional television and film and video games is not surprising given the amount of violence in the news, internet and video games.


The mixture of adolescence, school bullying, and depression is explosive, say psychologists who’ve studied the issue. Teenage girls may become severely depressed and attempt suicide. In some cases, they may become violent. In at risk teenage boys, bullying may result in depression, self-hatred, and a death wish that may one day turn into gun violence. Some teens that are really depressed and want to die may kill others before turning the guns on themselves, as did the boys who committed the Columbine massacre.

The high level of violence in the United States encourages teens to act out in violent ways, experts say. The U.S. Surgeon General’s mental health report on youth and violence noted that by the time they’ve reached adolescence, 16 million teens in this country “have witnessed some form of violent assault, including robbery, stabbing, shooting, murder, or domestic abuse.” Discussing the rise in youth violence, the report concluded that “What adults do to children and to each other, children will also do.”


Also where you live, your teen’s neighborhood can cause teenagers to act violent.  A survey conducted by the Children’s Institute International revealed that almost 50 percent of all teenagers, regardless of where they live believe that their schools are becoming more violent.

The National Center for Education Statistics found that discipline problems are related to the number of students in the school. Large schools have more discipline problems than small schools. The larger schools report more student disrespect and assaults on teachers at least once per week.

Middle school students are two times more likely than high school students to be affected by school violence. About 7% percent of eighth graders stay home at least once a month to avoid a bully.

There are two main reasons for middle school violence. First, early adolescence is a difficult age. Young teenagers are often physically hyperactive and have not learned correct behavior. Second, many middle school students have come into contact for the first time with young people from different backgrounds and other neighborhoods.

The community a person lives can also abuse children. If a community does not care for children and give them what is needed, this can develop into school violence. A child who starts acting violent will often do so during time when no parent is watching them.


In Summary, it is critical to recognize that a large majority of young people are not violence-prone and do not plan to commit a school shooting. It is important that schools, communities and government leaders recognize that school violence needs to be addressed. It is also critical that they respect the hopes and dreams of all students to feel that schools are a safe place to receive a good education.

To recap on access to weapons, is that not that many dealers care about your health care. All they care about is that you have an I.D. that is it. By so many dealers doing this to teens, this makes them rome free with a gun and do whatever they want with it. It is not just dealers that have an impact on teens getting guns. Gun shows influence them to get them also. It encourages them to get a gun. At the end if those weapons get into the wrong hands, it will be bad for the people that are on their bad side.

Now to media/T.V/video games. Today video games have a lot of impact on violence. Many popular video games feature high levels of realistic violence. Students with more exposure to violent video games have the following:

  • more violent attitudes
  • angry personalities
  • not forgiving,
  • think violence is normal in their everyday lives

For the reason for environmental issues impact on school violence is how the child acts at home with a bad environment will act the same at their school. As it said earlier, if the community doesn’t give what the child needs, they will develop negative thoughts and bad behavior. Depression will change their life in a whole new way if they don’t have help. Mainly teenagers have a type of depression that they can’t stand life anymore and they want to hurt themselves. Also teenagers will want everyone to be depressed as well.

A reason why that depression in a cause of school violence is that a high level of depression will lead to a high level of violence. It will cause them to hurt or kill others or themselves.

To help solve school violence the community and schools should make an effort to reach out to students and other youth to offer encouragement for good behavior. Watch out for signs of violent behavior and speak to a school counselor. Offer activities that will keep children busy.

Parents and teachers play the most important part to stop violence in schools by stopping violence at the start, encourage children to trust you parents and teachers and tell the school leaders if a child may be a threat to other children.

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