United States: LGBT Students Discrimination

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Discrimination towards LGBT students across the United States is a very important and controversial issue. This essay will elaborate the different impacts that the LGBT youth face, not only discrimination but also the lack of support that they are given, and the parental guidance that they deserve. The following essay will also discuss what roles parents and teachers need to take in order to prevent this from occurring. As well as the statistics like the number of high school dropouts, depression, and suicide rates in the LGBT youth community across the country.

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All in short the sheer purpose of this essay is to identify the different effects on the LGBT youth community and actions that can or should be taken to prevent them for facing problems in schools across the country.

This means that only 20 states out of 50 states in the United States, have laws that protect the people of this community from things like harassment, discrimination and bullying. If a young individual who is not protected from these sorts of things, can drive them to a state of depression which could lead to suicide. According to HealthLine.com, “depression affects 15.7 millions adults and 2.8 million adolescents every year. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among people age 10 to 24, transexual youths in grades 7-12 are twice as likely to attempt suicide more than their heterosexual peers”. Suicide is the biggest cause of death among this group of youths.

In addition, here’s an example: most parents prefer a straight son or daughter over a gay one and some schools prefer a straight student over a gay one. In society people are taught that there are only two genders and only men and women can have relations. When people decide to step out of line and change their gender because they do not feel happy or themselves classified by how they were born, they are thought of as weird or mentally ill in most cases.

This preference in gender is what leads to discrimination amongst LGBT.”Approximately 28% of gay and lesbian youths dropout of high school because of discomfort (due to verbal and physical abuse) in the school environment. (Remafedi, 1987, as cited in “Today’s Gay Youth,” n.d., n.p.)” These problems also lead to drug use to ease their pain,”Substantially higher proportions of homosexual people use alcohol, marijuana or cocaine than is the case in the general population. (McKirnan & Peterson, 1989, as cited in “Today’s Gay Youth,” n.d., n.p.)”

Lastly, One half of LGBT youths are neglected by their parents at home. This is because they prefer a different gender than what they are classified as. And one quarter of them, eventually leave their house hold because of that.”Cole (2007) explains that rejected LGBT youths generally do not learn how to build a relationship with peers or families. As a result, it creates a state of loneliness and isolation for them. Some LGBT youths are both verbally and physically abused by parents (“Today’s Gay Youth,” n.d.). In addition, roughly about 40% of youths that are homeless are classified as LGBT youths. The same article shows 27% of male teenagers who classified themselves as gay or bisexual left home due to quarrels with family members over their sexuality”.

To sum it all up, the LGBT community faces a lot of hardship and new reforms should be made. The public can help with this issue by spreading the word, signing up for campaigns or even being active on social media about this issue. This Problem affects millions of transgender youth across the United States and can only be fixed with the helps of others. If people take some time to make the world better for these Teens, all the issues they face can be fixed forever.

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