The LGBT May Face Discrimination

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Updated: Mar 13, 2021
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The LGBT May Face Discrimination essay

Explain why it is important for social workers to assess the impact differences in class, ethnicity, health status, rural or urban background, and gay identity has on LGBT clients. Be specific and provide examples. Use one peer-review article to help support your answer. No websites are to be used.

It is important, because social workers ought to comprehend culture, and its capacity in human conduct and society, perceiving the qualities that exist in all societies. Social workers should have an information base of their clients’ culture norms and have the capacity to show competence in the arrangement of administrations that are delicate to clients’ culture norms and to contrasts among individuals and social gatherings. Social workers need to have the proper education and be able to comprehend the idea of social decent variety and oppression as for national birthplace, race, sex, ethnicity, age, sex identity, religion, and mental or physical disability. For example, a 35 year old African American women that is lesbian living in a rural environment in Georgia will experience very different life circumstances an issue then a 20-year-old Hispanic gay man living in an urban Los Angeles neighborhood.

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Describe/Explain the “coming out” process. How may social workers help LGBT clients resolve problems potentially involved in “coming out?” Be specific and provide examples.

The expression “coming out” alludes to a person’s knowledge publicly that she/he is gay or lesbian. There are four stages of the coming out process. These stages are coming out to one’s self, getting to know other people within the gay and lesbian community, sharing with family and friends that one is lesbian or gay, and coming out of the closet that is openly and publicly and knowledge one sexual orientation. Social workers have several ways and helping LGBT clients potentially come out. One is that it is important to provide the client with information about being lesbian or gay. Chances are that the client thinks in terms of some of the same stereotypes and have some of the same homophobic responses that society may have. A gay man or woman that is coming out may also need to be educated about different between identity and choice of sexual partner.

Describe/Explain some of the challenge’s LGBT clients will face as they age. What strategies and/or interventions may social workers use to help LGBT clients cope and prepare for aging? Be specific and provide examples.

The LGBT may face discrimination, because of their age and their sex identity or sexual orientation. As a whole, LGBT older adults tend to experience interesting health disparities and monetary. The older adults of this particular group may unevenly be influenced by physical and emotional health conditions, and even poverty. Because of a lifetime of extraordinary stressors related with being a minority, they might be progressively vulnerable against neglect and abuse in caretaking facilities.

As expert guides work with a maturing LGBT populace, it is imperative to consider this verifiably negative atmosphere which formed a person’s encounters with, and impressions of, her or his own sexual personality Kimmel (2002) plots recommendations that can be adjusted by psychological well-being experts to upgrade the improvement of emergency competency and battle maladaptive contemplations and practices with this populace. Some strategies social workers could use to help LGBT cope and prepare for aging is aid the client to find any family or friend support. Identify positive good examples locally or broadly that symbolize attributes to which the client would try. Practice the utilization of coping adapting abilities. Assist in dealing with the coordination of their various characters to improve their feeling of self.


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