Students Violence in Moroccan High Schools

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Teachers’ perceptions of Students’  Violence in Moroccan High school


School violence is an educational psychological issue that has seen a considerable increase over the last decade. School violence is an activity that causes a dispute in the educational setting. It encompasses verbal and physical altercation. Besides, it is bullying through electronic ways or social media, threats, weapon use, or gang activity .School Violence can be defined as a physical or verbal harm inside the school, on the way to school, and on the way from school .

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School violence occurs at all levels , be it in middle and high schools , or at the collegial level , too.My Research is going to shed light on violence in the fiel of education and look closely at the students’ violence and how it is perceived by teachers.

Research problem

Although school violence is seen as a national and international concern by all forms of media.Violence directed towards teachers has been one of the understudied issues in the realm of educational research. So far, there are almost few published reseraches all around the whole world, let alone the Moroccan context. To address this void, I will conduct a research that deals, qualitatively,  with the issue of school Violence and in particular with the one directed towards teachers . Admittedly, teachers are the only ones who normally see violent behaviours by students before, within , and after a particular incident .Yet, many studies don’t focus on the teachers’ perceptions of the violence that happen.Since teachers view many acts of students violence regularly , their perceptions can provide educational leaders with outstansing information that would reduce this phenomenon.

Research objective(s)

The primordial aim of this study is to give an overview on the ways teachers experience, observe,  and perceive students’violence. Further, to explore the factors behind students’ violence that is directed towards teachers and also how teachers who are subjected to violence make sense of this experience. Not to mention, the  findings of this study will certainly offer data of a paramount essence for novice as well as experienced teachers in all levels, administrative staff, parents and Policy makers.

Research questions

This study tends to answer the following research questions :

1) What are the perceptions of students’violence held by high school teachers?

2) How do teachers describe students’violence ?

3) What are the  causes behind the students’ violence directed towards teachers ?

4) How do teachers make sense of the mulitple types of violence they experience?

Research methodology

Concerning the method (Collection and analysis of the data) in this research. As For the data collection, a semi-structured interview is going to be used with six purposively selected high school participants from different school contexts and who have experienced or observed violence .The reason behind the choice of a semi-structured interview is that according to Smith and Osbon (2003), «semi-strucured interviews are used to build rapport with participants and to garner trust through sensitive topics ».

Since this research is dealing with the individual experiences that he or she faces and that may affect his or her development , the methodology selected for this study, which , in turn, focuses on the teachers’ perceptions and how they make sense of their experience is  the Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. According to Smith and Osbon’s suggestions on Analysis of Interpretive Phenomenology, semi-sructured interview will be trancribed, coded, and emergent themes will be noted . Accordingly, audio recording will be used in this respect.

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