Effects of Multi Media on Violence in School

School violence on students can cause psychological and physical pain. The physical pain they get can cause them to be hospitalized. Sometimes that school violence cause students to shoot up schools.

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People’s aggressive behavior increased watching aggressive programs on TV. Students that watch aggressive TV show start to become tougher and less emotional. TV mainly effect students because in the show they watch they become aggressive with other people. Research has also shown that the viewers who watch violent shows for about four or more hours a day show less interest and exert less effort at school. Children parents should check their children’s access to any violent behavior either on TV or website, however it is quite challenging. The media which market the violent TV shows. In even most of the developed and developing countries, those suffering from mental illness are being transferred. Community- treatment facilities which means they could be living next door, and do normal daily activities. Among other factors Media is one which affects the mindset of the children living in a specific society.There is debate over the role of the media especially violence on television, in movies and in video games in causing violence among children and teens.This case may occur in countries other than even USA or similar countries.Violence on television has considerably increased. Every year, the average child watches approximately 12,000 violent TV shows especially of murder and rape.

More than 1000 studies contend that watching violence on television increases aggressive behavior especially among boys.It has been noticed that the following types of children may be more prone to violence having an exposure to electronic media in general and TV in particular.So many other such cases have been dealt with in films serials and dramas, and the case is not limited to one country.Another view from researchers suggests that performing violent acts in video games may be contributing more to children’s aggression than passively watching violent acts on television. In most video games women are usually portrayed as persons who are acted upon rather than as initiators of action in the extreme they are depicted as victims. Video game usage and content found that most of the arcade games contained “antisocial values of a violent nature”.Media use to increasing emphasis on issues of physical and emotional harm and changes in children’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Try and restrict television time to a specific time period per day, but it is to be noted that the exposure to corrupt programs even for 5 minutes may exert more dangerous effect than a social drama for 3-4 hours. Preview shows that the children may watch so that parents can decide if they are watchable. In an attempt to decide what measures can be taken to protect the children from the adverse effects of TV violence on students. Parents should frankly discuss TV/media violence with the children. listen to conversations, observe behavioral patterns, and the utilization of Internet searches on those who demonstrate abnormal behavior.

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