Violence in the Mass Media

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Violence has been shown through movies, TV shows, and video games since the early 1900s. The nation that we live in today has changed due to an increased demand for violence. The amount of violence shown needs to be reduced to help this generation and the ones to ones to come, while many argue the media has caused teens to show an increase in aggressive behavior everytime they watch or play something that involves violence. People tend to blame the media because it brings to young minds.

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Others believe that violence is good for teens because it is being used as a way of entertainment. Violence can teach core values that will have an effect on their life such as responsibility, positive behavior, and etcetera.

There are issues in this area that have to be taken care of, like behavior, mind, and lack of exercise. While some Americans think that children should not be shielded from violence, Most parents believe that exposure to violence through the media has negative effects on teens. Teens are experiencing violence in our everyday life through films, video games, and music but in some cases it can provide them with help rather than harm. Most will say that violence is good for the youth so that it can show them the consequences of the actions that can happen. Everybody including adults were raised differently, which shows that each household has their own opinion on the topic of violence. In an article by Rome Neal, “Media Violence Good For Children?”, he writes: “even trashy or violent entertainment plays an essential role in the healthy development of children” (Neal).

The quote is showing that violence is important for the youth since it can show them that they shouldn’t be doing this in the real world. The number one thing that is important for parents is the healthy development of their children, some parents believe that violence can show that it is something that can change a youth’s life in a good way. Many people will want to understand violence which can help them rather than harm themselves and the society. The media uses violence for the purpose of people mostly teens to come back and continue to watch to show what can be done to try to avoid this in the real world. Violence is being used as a way to shape future generations to enjoy violence in the media rather than hurt the society. In an article by Rome Neal, “Media Violence Good For Children?”, he writes: “young people love fantasy violence not because the media indoctrinates them, but because it gives them coping skills they desperately need” (Neal).

Neal is showing that violence should be seen as an opportunity for the youth to gain experience that will help those that are struggling get through a emotional state. Watching violence that can show the pain that a person can experience like death, which can help them get through whatever that is hurting or just bothering them from being who they really want to be. Violence is an important matter in the world that we live in today because it is damaging our everyday lives. That might be true but most argue that violence is supportive of everybody including the youth because the impact it can have for the present and the future. In an article by David Folkenflik, he states, “Television helps the population, placates the population and has a lot to do with our emotional well-being” (Fowles). The quote is showing films and TV has the ability to help everyone in the time of need when they are nervous or sad. Being emotional can show that they care about what they believe in, and also help them in a way only violence can provide. Over the years, violence in the media has increased due to a high demand by the adults, and teens because it makes the youth realize that it’s needed in their everyday lives as a way of entertainment.

Violence is being shown as a supportive way to connect to the society looking for help or to those in need of a calm experience. The youth can benefit from having violence by getting experiences that can prepare them for the real world. The experiences that the youth can learn is that they shouldn’t be using what they watched or learned playing games such as Call of Duty towards others. In an article by Gerald Jones, “Violent Media is Good for Kids”, he writes, “Children need violent entertainment in order to explore the inescapable feeling that they’ve been taught to deny, and to reintegrate those feelings into a more whole, more complex, more resilient selfhood” (Jones). The quote shows that the youth can gain experience that they will never be able to achieve in the real world. The entertainment that the youth enjoy watching is critical into their development.

The quote is important since it shows that violence can help the youth get through the feelings that have affected them. The amount of violence has increased in the last few months due to a rising interest of violence-themed activities like shootings that is hurting our society. Most people will agree that violence is hurting the youth because they have changed by how the teens react to situations that are out of their control. The world is different compared to a decade or more in the past because teens have become more anti social. In an article by Arline Kaplan, “Violence in the Media: What Effects on Behavior?”, writes, “Violence in the media has been increasing and reaching proportions that are dangerous”(Kaplan). Kaplan is stating that violence is going to continue to be dangerous if nothing is established to help those in need or soon to be affected. Violence is becoming a threat to future generations because they are going to understand that the best thing for them is to learn from violence. If violence becomes uncontrollable, it is going to affect the teens which can cause them to become a more violent person.

Violence has shown that the youth are not being engaged in real life activities that can help them be a better person. Behavior is an issue in the media, nowadays many films include violent scenes. Violence in the mass media can cause aggressive behavior towards other people. The youth always want to imitate what they saw in the films from violent speech to violent acts. In an article by Alan Mozes, “PG-13 Movies Show More Gun Violence Than R-Rated Films: Study”, he writes, “Viewing violent media content has many negative effects, including desensitization, a distorted view of reality and aggressive behavior” (Mozes). The quote is showing that bad behavior is increasing because the media is constantly showing violent acts at a rapid speed. This is causing the youth to have the same experience that their parents had when they were at their age. If a youth gets affected by watching violence he or she will not be willing to be social or involved in activities. Having a social life is important because it can define a person based on their behavior, and how they act around other people without feeling hurtful or in danger. Aggressive behavior has changed the way the youth interact with each other, which has been caused by negative effects such as bullying and inappropriate language. Learning aggressive behavior is bad for our society because they are showing that they don’t care if something bad happens towards the people.

The brain of a youth doesn’t develop until they are adults which means that they need to be more involved in the world rather than a violent game that can have a long-lasting effect in their life. In an article by Terry Levy, “How Violence in Media Affects Children’s Behavior”, she states, “Media violence gives children the message that aggression and violence are acceptable solutions to conflicts and problems” (Levy). The quote states that violence has established a role in our society that has changed how the youth are learning key values. Teens have shown through research that they lean towards watching violence so that they can develop their brain faster, but it’s an incorrect way since they need to be matured through parents, and school. The media needs to change since violence is causing negative effects such as aggressive behavior has on a youth, and violence in the media is the reason why many Americans try to protect their kids from being exposed. Continuing the negative effects that aggressive behavior can have on the youth is why violence needs to be limited or taken away from the media.

Violence is used in the media as fiction to show stories to make people enjoy their respected entertainment. But most teens will use violence as away to escape from the issues that life brings to every person. Many supporters argue that the media is helping the teens become better fit into the society that they live in. In an article by Arline Kaplan, “Violence in the Media: What effects on Behavior?”, writes, “Reality is distorted. If you live in a fictional world, then the fictional world becomes your reality”(Kaplan). The quote is showing that the media wants teens to experience another another reality that isn’t real but can change the way they think, talk, and their actions. Reality and a fictional reality are different since everything that has happened is either fake or being seen by the people as a way to relax and enjoy themselves in the time that permits them too. But if they continue to watch their actions will evolve into the real world where their will be responsible for any damage, or harm they may cause.

Actions can cause the young people in the world to become more hesitant to each other due to behavior related issues which leads to the negative effects that the media brings to the world. Many people support the concern that parents have about the media using violence to shape a teen’s future. Violence has established its role in the everyday lives of many people because the media is showing violence for hours which is consuming people’s lives. Teens shouldn’t learn that violence is a valuable asset in life because being themselves is the best thing for them and their families. In an article by by Allison Chavez, “The negative effects of violence in media”, she writes, “They forget that the mere use of words is usually enough to resolve conflicts, instead of automatically resorting to the use of violence” (Chavez). Chavez is stating that issues in the real world shouldn’t be started or ended with the use of violence since it can bring fear to the surrounding people watching or even to their family.

Teens don’t need to use violence to talk about what is hurting them, because there is always someone that will listen when they want to talk or anything that is bothering them from being the best person possible. The effects that violence can have on the young people of this society is harmful due to fact that times are changing, the media doesn’t care about the lives of the teens that are watching or playing violent video games. The media will continue to produce violent movies, and etcetera, to bring the entertainment that many people including teens in their generation like to enjoy. The movie industry has been increasing since there is a huge demand for violence to be shown. The media knows that most people have changed their opinion on violence to the point where they enjoy it rather then disgust it. In an article by Allison Chavez, “The negative effects of violence in media”, she writes, “Not that people think like this, but based off of how life is being portrayed in the media, it leads us to believe people think like that.”(Chavez).

The quote is stating that violence is being shown as way to make people realize how it can impact their personal and work life. An negative effect that is caused by this is the impact it can have on the brain of a teen. A teens brain is not matured so that is an issue due the fact that the teens are unable to make responsible choices. Being responsible is a big part of why parents are concern about the amount of violence their children are receiving. This also leads teens to become more involved with violence due to their high exposure which can make them believe that they are able to be just like the actor in the films. People argue that teen’s need to experience violence to overcome stressful moments that hurting their everyday life. Most will argue that violence is causing them to have challenges such as stress. Stress can cause people, more importantly in this case teen’s, from doing violent acts due to the high amounts of stress. One violent act that can happen is that the teen’s can kill themselves, and many will not care about the circumstances that have happened. In the article by Allison Chavez, “The negative effects of violence in media”, she writes, “We don’t really think about the fact that the person sitting across from us is human we tend to think of people as expendable,”(Chavez).

The quote is important due the fact that it is showing that people in this world don’t care about the actions the violence in the media can have on the youth. The media is changing the way people think about one another’s actions because they will will never care about them once something happens to them. The negative effects that this has on the youth is damaging the way they are being raised and it is causing people not to share emotional feelings. In conclusion, violence in the media is hurting the youth based on the negative effects that it is having on their lives. Behavior is a major issue since violence can cause the the youth to become more aggressive towards others. Being aggressive is something that mostly parents are concerned about because no parent once their children to become exposed to high amounts of violence from movies, shows, and video games. Video games is a major reason the youth enjoy entertainment becomes it lets them be themselves. But this can cause the youth to be independent which can lead to issues like stress, depression, and wanting higher amounts of violence.

Most supporters of the media show that violence doesn’t do any short or long term damage to the youth but many will argue that the negative effects that the media can show by showing violence. The amount of violence for a each person is different because every youth’s mind develops at a different speed which can issues such as being more or less aggressive towards others. The media has helped the youth become successful safe person by warning that the violence shown is only being shown as a type of internment. This leads to the main question, What still needs to be done to stop teens from changing who they really are?

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