Homeschooling is it Really the Best Option?

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Homeschooling is a very controversial topic; a lot of the time people disagree on the benefits and or their disadvantages of having children be taught this way. Homeschooling has been in uses since before the 1830’s and was originally one of the main ways of schooling. People began switching over because they began to lack a formal education. After that since the 19th century a classroom teaching has been the main way of education. Many people believe that a homeschooling education offers children many things including responsibly and a peer pressure free environment, which is true without peers a child would not have to worry about having to deal with peer pressure, but other people also view it as blocking a child’s social development with their peer.

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Many parents swear by homeschooling including a married couple in Jacksonville who have homeschool their daughter since second grade. The mother, who acts as the teacher, said “ My daughter has been homeschooled most of her life and she is a lot farther ahead than other students in fourth grade… and I can say with confidence that’s she has nor will have any social problems in the future” (Tavares). The parents who participate in homeschooling believe that they are giving their child his or her best chance at having a successful future. Most parents who convert from regular schooling to homeschooling do so because they feel as though the education system has failed them and their child, to contribute to that thought Gandhi once said that “There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent” (, 2019).

One of the big concerns is that people who do not believe in homeschooling have is that it will not allow the child to have normal social interactions, and because of that when the child need to go out into the real world they will have more trouble than normal children would have. A parent who has homeschooled all three of her children said “The fact is, the average child in a traditional school setting has very little time to socialize. Throughout the entire six-hour school day, maybe an hour is spent on social activities. The homeschooled child that has co-ops, outside activities and belongs to a homeschooling group is actually given many more chances to interact with people than a child in a traditional school.” (, 2019). Not only do the parents that homeschool disagree with that but so do the kids doing the homeschooling. Most of the time the only people you hear arguing about whether or not homeschooling is good is the parents. You rarely if ever get to hear the child’s point of view, even though it affects them the most. One teenager who has been homeschool his entire life said “I have lots of friends and a girlfriend. My social life is awesome… That’s why everywhere I go, I make friends. It is just the way I grew up” (, 2019).

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