Homeschooling in Today’s Society

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Education is taken very seriously by today’s society. Education has been and will be always the most important commodity to the future of every child. It is very difficult to get anywhere in life without education because today in order to become a useful person for your society you need to be well-educated person. Each parent desire is to give their children the best education in a favorable environment. When children reach the learning age the parent’s only concern is to choose the best schooling system, which will consider their children’s abilities. Amongst choices are traditional schools and homeschooling. Both are good methods in developing a good education for a child. But also have differences in techniques of teaching and environmental differences. As we know, homeschooling is an age-old traditional educational system that a decade ago appeared to be cutting-edge and alternative but is now bordering on mainstream in the United States. And now it is the most preferable system: safe, individualized education, high rate of applicants to universities, more time to spend on other activities, costless.

Homeschooling is the best option for child’s safety. In homeschooling, the environment is safe and calm, and parents, as well as children, feel secured. In this educational system children are free of danger of guns, drugs, unwanted religion, bullying, which will stress out students. In the article ‘Student brawl at Hoover High brings Glendale police, school lockdown’ Andy Nguyen reported that “A brawl between students at Hoover High School in Glendale on Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018, resulted in the campus and two other nearby schools to be placed on lockdown and brought around two dozen police officers to the area” (Los Angeles Times). The fight began during lunch and continues about an hour. By watching videos you can see that all school was fighting with each other. Many students that even did not get involved, they just look as a third person were injured.

My brother is studying in Herbert Hoover High school and got involved in this fight because of his friends. He said that emergency came and help some students to get out from school on the wheelchairs. As reported Los Angeles Time, dozens of policies from Glendale Police Department were called to stop the fight. It was between two different groups: armenians and afro-americans. News claim that there were no guns, but all my friends were in high school that time and saw guns there. Moreover, this fight influence on the other schools. Nearby schools like Keppel Elementary and Toll Middle School, were placed on lockdown as a result. Consequently, the classes in other schools were also interrupted, which had a serious effect on students. In this way students were behind of materials in each class for several days. So, after students need to study more and harder in order to not miss any unit, which will be heavy for them. Imagine that they need to cover a material a for a week in one day. Hilarious! Besides, the fight influence on upcoming events. Sports and after-school activities were cancelled for the month. This fight made more noise among parents because following weeks the number of absent student was over one hundred. The absences of students led classes to finish earlier and even do not have homeworks to do in classes, which will decrease the academic progress of students. This fight is a clear evidence of that public schools are very dangerous for children because sometimes fight can occurred without any serious problem. When this kind of fights occurred in schools no one can guarantee that your child will not be injured, or even more severe died. No one can guarantee that your child will be in safe place far away from fight. Public schools were and will be dangerous place for students because they are spending the half of their days in schools.

Also, when students are homeschooled there is a less chance that they will have any mental or psychological disorders. According to the CBS Los Angeles “The 38-year-old, Delvon Jackson, who worked at Hoover High School as a Public Safety Instructor, was arrested Wednesday after allegations surfaced that he assaulted a 14-year-old girl on campus” (Glendale High School Instructor Arrested For Allegedly assaulted teen ). Imagine for a second … 14 years old girl being sexually assaulted by her teacher. Imagine for a second that this girl can be your child. Horrible! Parent think that their children learning in the school in very safe environment while they can be sexually assaulted by their own teacher. This can harm a students in different ways: mentally, physically, and psychologically. Being sexually assaulted at this young age will have numerous potential consequences that can last a lifetime and span generations, with serious adverse effects on health, education, employment, the well-being of individuals, families, communities and societies. Moreover, immediate psychological effects that the children for sure will have are shock, fear, anxiety, confusion and isolation. In other words it can destroy children’s life at all. After, the victim need to have some courses for therapies in order to get well and forgot everything soon. This is the most serious concern about traditional schools.

Homeschooling gives students more individualized and qualified education than traditional schools. According to Marcia Clemmitt, a Washington-based freelance writer, previously served as editor in chief of Medicine and Health and staff writer for The Scientist, claims that “The number of homeschooled american children ages 5-17 doubled- from 850,000 to 1.8 million- 1999 and 2011-2012 academic year” (221). This statistic shows that the influence of homeschooling is increases by the year. Most parents decided to homeschool their children not only for on reason. Reasons are many because of omissions of traditional schools. For instance, homeschooling customize or individualize the curriculum and learning environment for each child. This means that students are doing their lessons more concentrated than in traditional schools where a lot of students are not interested that particular class.

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