Gun Control has Many Effects in USA

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Gun Control has Many Effects in USA

The implementation of gun control measures has had multifaceted effects in the U.S., ranging from changes in crime rates to shifts in public opinion and political dynamics. This topic would analyze these effects, using empirical data, case studies, and assessing their long-term implications for American society. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Gun topic.

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The United States still has gun rights but we also still have rules to that matter. Gun control always had two vectors: common sense, and and to keep guns from the untrustworthy (pg 28). Some people should not be able to own a gun if they have a bad history for guns or if they have been in trouble for robbery etc… In some situations you may need gun rights such as in school, work, parks etc¦ The United States is a equal nation, they try to keep it that all people in this country have the same rights and to keep equal.

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Gun laws should not be any stricter than they already are in the United States.

Individuals of this country haves to have a background check to be able to purchase any gun from a corporation or business. We know we can’t stop every act of violence, every act of evil in the world, Obama said during the news conference at which he cried for the victims of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook. But maybe we could try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence (Comp, Nathan J.). To try to keep this world safe for American citizens, there needs to be guns in your own home to protect you and your family’s sake. Some people in this world does not need to have a gun so that is why you have to have a background check to be able to purchase one. You also have to be a certain age and when you are of age to purchase a gun you are at the maturity to be able to be safe with one.

This country has many fatalities a year where someone goes off and just kills many many people. They usually are not right in the head or have a bad history such as in the military and have PTSD or any other disability. A man who is just so sick to be able to go to a school or any business or anything and just shoot the whole place up should be sent to the death penalty, they do not have the right mind to own a gun or to even be around one. Some people in this country need a gun to be able to feed their family, they use them to keep food on the table so therefor someone who is sick in the head should not be able to make it to where the good people have so strict of gun laws that you can not even own one.

From 1915 to 1917, over 1 million armenians were killed. Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, millions of Jews and others who were unable to fend for themselves were killed. Every year millions of people who carry guns save their own lives to defend themselves against the rapists, mugges, and murders. If you disarm the good people in this country then you have the bad people that are still armed that get guns from the black market or even other places. A gun can be used for self defense but when you have no weapons in your household then you have to control to protect yourself or your family. Even if you do not use the gun and just show it to the enemy that shows you are willing to use it and it gives them a whole different aspect.

All American citizens have the second amendment which is The right to bear arms. If the gun control gets any stricter then it may completely take the guns away from American citizens. Declaring your parks, schools, or any other public places to be gun free zones sounds like an excellent way to avoid violence. If there are no guns, then there can be no shootings. However, as advocates of conceal and carry will attest, if you make it against the law to have guns in those places the only people that will have guns in such places will be the lawbreakers, leaving the people who abide the laws with no guns to protect themselves in the event of an attack (Pg 2, Taylor, Danielle).

When the gun control laws in other other places have stricter laws the crime usually doubles. It is proven that it is less safe to for the good guys to not have guns to protect themselves with the people on the streets that are trying to commit crime that will still have guns. The United States has gun laws that they enforce that can and will protect individuals but you can not keep the bad people off of the streets.

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