Gun Control – Debatable and Controversial Topic between Individuals and Politicians in USA

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Gun Control – Debatable and Controversial Topic between Individuals and Politicians in USA

Examining the divisive nature of gun control debates, this essay will highlight the differences in perspectives, motivations, and solutions proposed by various stakeholders, including everyday citizens, politicians, and interest groups. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Gun topic.

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Gun control can be a topic that is very debatable and controversial topic in the United States between individuals and politicians. In our society currently, there is a strong movement to strengthen gun control laws. The idea of strengthening gun control laws stem from the number of shootings that have happened recently; however, many Americans seem to be missing the point of what gun control truly is. Gun control is a right given to individuals by the government, but guns themselves are not the issue for the unfortunate events that have taken place.

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Guns can be an effective form of protection and security. Every American citizen deserves to have the right to hold a gun for protection, practice their rights, and possibly help lower crime rate within the United States.

Guns can be used right sometimes, but even when they are they can be very dangerous.. Guns need to be used responsibly and in a safe environment! Guns such be used in places such as a shooting range or on a hunting ground. Most people who own guns are required to take classes in order to know how to operate weapons for their own and others safety. Guns can be a dangerous weapon when placed in the wrong hands of a criminal, or someone who does not know how to operate a weapon properly. Gun control is deciding how much regulation and what kind of regulation there needs to be (Nisbet, 1990).

Many issues that the United States deals with, we do not take into consideration how another country would deal with it. In the United States, many countries are not heard of or brought up. Switzerland requires many of its citizen to own automatic rifles, but has low crime rates (Keating, 2011). Switzerland’s has very low restrictions on purchasing guns, and also even the women are highly encouraged to own guns (Keating, 2011) Switzerland has had their share of mass shootings just like the United States, yet their crime rate is still so how that there are not any statistics kept on it. (Keating, 2011). In the YouTube video that discusses how Switzerland’s crime rate is low states, The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself, and if you don’t have the tools to do that, then you are going to be at the mercy of whomever wants to put you away. (YouTube) If gun awareness were to become a widespread phenomenon in the United States, it may help lessen the use of guns; therefore,crime could potentially decrease.

Crime in the United States has had many positive and negative effects. Several scholars have inputted their opinion on gun control. Zimring argues that run control would reduce crime homicide. Seitz agrees with Zimbring in suggesting crime could lessen without restricting firearms (1972). Overall, many scholars agree that the obtain a gun would help reduce crime and make an impact. Most crimes done with guns are due to single minded goal (Seitz, 1972). The world could make crime lower if they do not set restriction on firearms.

Many shooting occur within the United States, and most cases the person to blame is the gun. The individual that does not get blame is the shooter; therefore, it is always that gun. The blame for these actions should not to be placed on an inanimate object, but rather the person who committed the horrific act. Taking away guns or firearms because of criminals, irresponsible people, and lack of judgement takes away from privileges who do not deserve to have them taken away. Zimbring argues, that if an individual wanted a gun he could find one to achieve his goal no matter where he got it from. Shooting are usually done by handguns in the United States. Many argue hand guns should probably be banned due to 27% of handguns are used and the most prominent used within crime in the United States (Seitz, 1972). The reason handguns have become a large issue is because many crimes happen with them; however, it is argued that the person who did the shooting can get the gun from anywhere even with restrictions in place.

Guns are an issue all over the world no matter where an individual is from. If guns were to be banned in the United States, which is not possible due to the Bill of Rights, how would individuals protect themselves or this country? The Bill of Rights helps given citizens the right to carry a gun which is in the second amendment. In the article, “”7 Ways to Protect Yourself From a Home Invasion.”” written by authors Joe Pappalardo and Chad Hunt states, A gun is the number one form of protection to use to defend an individual or ones family from a home invasion or any other form of personal attack. Many feel safer with a gun because it can be a better form of protection over other weapons. By having a gun, an individual can have the opportunity to protect themselves or their family (Johnson, 2013). It can be argued that a gun is useful in the result of having to stop burglars during a home invasion . In many situations, burglars are scared off by the very sight of a gun, even without having to fire a shot. The sight of a gun can protect someone when in a certain kind of danger. Johnson states, In fact, 74% of felons agree that they avoid homes when people are home for fear of being shot (2013). Guns are a very effective form of protection in a household which can protect individuals or families from danger that is occuring or that could possibly occur.

Guns are used as a popular form of recreation use in the United States. Men and women enjoy going to shooting ranges for target practice or just to shoot their guns. Many individuals enjoy hunting, going to ranges or shooting in their backyard. Guns are often found used in hunting for competition; therefore, it can be considered an American pastime.Hunting is enjoyed by a majority of individuals throughout the United States, especially in the South or the rural areas. Hunting can be used as a resource of fun or food for many individuals. Guns are used by many individuals to show off too. Mostly guns can serve protection and recreational purposes.

Taking away guns is unconstitutional and will take away all American citizens second amendment rights which gives them the freedom of the right to bear arms. Owning guns is a freedom that was rightfully given to American citizens by the United States. The right to bear arms should not be taken away especially after all of these years. Statistics show that American citizens take the most advantage of expressing this right with a total of 88.8 citizens owning a gun out of every 100 citizens. (Top 5 Anything). The United States has the most gun ownership per capita compared to any other country in the world. The second country to own more guns per capita is Yemen (Top 5 Anything). Guns are special and important within the American culture and for anyone to take away Americans guns would also be quite a difficult task considering more than 270,000,000 guns are owned in the United States and that number keeps growing (Top 5 Anything). It is a struggle to talk about taking firearms from our loving society. Guns have a large impact on lobbying and influence on campaign contribution (Longbein and Lotwis, 1990). Guns are put to good use in the United States despite their misuse occasionally.

Many Americans argue if guns should be taken or have restrictions. The data above shows many of individuals within the American culture own or have property of guns. Many question the safety of guns based on our culture and how it is run. Lester argues there is a relationship between gun violence, crimes, suicide, and homicide. Lester argues that the relationship of gun ownership among individuals can increase suicide and homicide rates (1988). The areas where homicide can be bad happen within larger areas. The region with higher gun ownership have increased rates in suicide and homicide (Lester, 1988). Many believe that without restrictions of guns, it could lead into the wrong hands. Many believe most guns do end up in the wrong hands that is why their is an increase in crimes, suicide, and homicide.

Every American should have the right to keep and own guns for the preservation of security, practicing their rights, and to help lower the crime rate in the United States. As an individual, it is important to protect your rights and stand up for what you believe in. It is important to always protect yourself and family no matter what the situation. Guns are used to make an individual feel secure on a daily basis.Guns can help prevent break-ins and burglaries which is shown in statistics above. Guns can be used for tragic consequences that no one anticipates on, but they can also be the best form of protection. Although, Nisbet counters statics that make individuals want to question if guns are safe. There have been 30,000 individuals killed with a firearm, 15, 000 suicides, and 12,000 homicides (Nisbet, 1990). Some will continue to question if guns are truly the way to go or if there is a better form of weapon that could be safer.

The best option in many cases is to have a gun or some type of weapon for protection. Many women prefer to have a gun because it makes them feel safer and have more rights. Many individuals prefer to have their rights not be picked upon which is why gun issues are such a big topic. Many put out the argument of how not having a gun is unsafe. The other argument that occurs is the crime rate; therefore, the truth is no matter what guns will be obtained no matter how the individuals gets it. Most of the mass shootings are been due to individuals obtaining a gun because they had the right to or received it from another source. Guns should be allowed because it helps individuals not get it from other places which can reduce crime. Having a gun makes individuals feel safe, secure, and protected. Many argue gun laws because they feel it can take away their freedom. In the article, Pro Gun Quotes James Madison has a famous quote which states, The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body, trained to the arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country. Gun violence will change when individuals want to start to see the change, but until then it will continue to be a fight among the United States.

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