Good Communication through Teamwork in Business Communication and Organization

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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A crucial element of business communication and organization, is good communication through teamwork. Team work can bring diverse skills into your group. When working together every person can contribute in their own way. Having to work together so everyone can agree in the same way can be very helpful to your team. Being in a team can make you stay on top of your work. Teamwork is one of the most important concepts of an everyday life. Being in a team can make you strive together to be more successful.

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Teamwork is something every business organization does. Teamwork can increase job satisfaction. A team is a group of people working together to achieve the same objectives as a whole.

In a workforce it is very important to work together. Forming the team and setting tasks for the team is very important. You want to work together so you can get the job done faster. For example, if you have to do a presentation with five people in a group, you want everyone to contributes to the presentation, so it could be done faster and have everyone inputs and ideas. Having everyone work together can bring everyone strengths and inputs into getting the job done faster in a successful way. It is very important to have every team member input and come to get an agreement together.

Teamwork cannot be demanded. It is important to discuss the goal and what each member should do to achieve that goal. Each team should have goals, objectives, innovation, and creativity. Storming should be very important in a team. You should storm your ideas from everyone before doing anything. You always want to make sure you get everyone’s idea and be fair with your entire team. You do not want someone idea, or input to be left out. It is important to brain storm your ideas together and always make the decision together.

Conflicts can happen when working in a team. Many say it is time consuming and hard to come to an agreement. In order for the team to be effective everyone should meet their goals and do their part. When working in a team you want to avoid any conflict possible. It always important to discuss your goal and how everyone in the team is going to contribute to achieving that goal. It is important to have a leader in your team.

A leader can lay out what to do and make sure everything goes smoothly. A leader can help everyone focus on what they need to do and make sure every member does their part. A leader can make the final decision after seeing every team member idea and input. Teamwork is all about working together and working towards a common goal. Your whole entire team should collaborate together to making a common goal.

Performing is what actually matters in a team. What everyone actually accomplishes and brings to the team is what is important. In a team you don’t focus on yourself but on the entire team. You do what is the best goal for the team and the company. You do what would benefit everyone together and how it could make your business better. Every team member has different skills and qualities that contribute to the success of the team. A team cannot be successful if every member is not on the same page. Putting every team member strengths and skills together can you help you perform and actually accomplished your team goal.

In my bizcafe I had to work in team. I was in a team of four where we all contributed our ideas equally and together. We always planned ahead and stormed our ideas together for the next decision. We all made sure we all agreed on what was best and how our business was going to succeed. We avoided any conflict and made sure we all agreed on what we should do. In a team you always want to make sure your idea is being heard. Every week we made sure we set up a meeting and all contributed to make a decision together.

Having a leader was definitely needed to keep everything organized. We all made sure we focused on one part but at the end we all agreed on the same choice. Agreeing all together is definitely would make our group succeed. Every week we choose a new leader to be fair and made sure we all had the responsibility of being a leader. When being the leader you made sure you made a time to meet, contribute everyone ideas, inputs and all came to an agreement as a team.

You made after everyone idea was heard and made the best decision for the group and the business. Every group member was always heard and that’s what made us stronger as a group and want to strive to be the best. We always wanted to figure out where we went wrong and what we could do as team to do better for the next decision. We all made we brought something to the team that could make Blend and Sip be better.

What we all performed together as a team is what made us successful. We were third place almost the whole entire simulation, but we did everything we can to make a change. We figured out as team what should do and if we did it how would it make us successful. Making decisions defiantly required all of our inputs so a change could happen to make our business become more successful. Every week we did everything to move our business up but somehow, we didn’t and we all tried together to figure the issue. After gathering everyone idea and input we came to a conclusion what we are doing wrong.

That is what made the group succeed and working together is what made our business change to be better. Every team member contributed in their own way and having different opinions, ideas, goals, and tasks is how we succeed as a team. Being a team shows you how much you can accomplish when people put their strengths together. Teamwork helps increase effectiveness and how to handle situations as a group. It is important to avoid any conflict and to communicate effectively.

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