Feminism Since “Ancient Rome”

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Feminism has been happening since “Ancient Rome” but was recognized by women for standing up for the three waves of feminism. A women organization called “The Suffragettes” fought for women’s rights. Feminism is activism which is based on legal rights and equality for women. There are three waves that helped shape how women were in the 1830s and now in the 21st century. The first wave occurred in the 1830’s-early 1900s ( late 19th century – early 20th century, women was trying to have political power and even the right to vote.

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The second wave occurred after World War 2 (1960’s-1980’s), women were fighting to get the same jobs as men, attempt to work with men, and have equal rights. The third wave is focused on equal work, equal pay, and reproductive rights for women. Women in the early 19th century and 20th-century didn’t have much equality as men because of patriarchy.In other words men expected women to stay home and to cook, clean, and take care of any household responsibilities as there was a lot of misogyny (hatred on women) and even more misogynoir (hatred on black women).

Now it’s the twentieth-century, women can have any job that they desire to have, women can work with males, and women now have the right to vote. Although there is still some misogyny and even more misogynoir than ever, women continue to fight for equal pay and strive to be treated in a positive and respectable way. Women now have the “me too movement” (a movement against sexual assault and sexual harassment) as women try to have their voices heard. Human sex trafficking is happening more than anything.

Major Issues

Economic issues is a major issue, women is struggling to “achieve economic security”. Women make less money than their male co-workers and without more family and health benefits it make it harder for women to take care of their family, their self, and for them to get a career that they desire. Now in today’s society women work from home, it’s even harder for African-American women to get a job and also a career for them to pursue because of racial discrimination that continues in today’s world. Women deserve equal pay and living wage because women work as hard as men do. Sexual harassment is another major issue that deals with feminism, it’s a major problem for women all over the world. Sexual harassment is a sex discrimination, demanding, and abuse of someone’s power that affects how a women are mentally and also how they social life are.

Some may think women that is sexually harassed because they are scared or that some may not believe anything that they would say. Sexual harassment is commonly occur in a workplace, this also deals with economic issues because women tend to lose their jobs and then become unemployed which causes concern on how can a women provide for her and her family without a job. The ways women could speak up about sexual harassment is by filing a complaint, make a statement, stay honest, be serious about the situation, be direct about what happened, and provide evidence about what happened. Although some may get the courage to speak on what happened, others may not but if something did happened and your completely honest about it speak up. Violence against women is also a major

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