School Shootings and Gun Control

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Killing people for pleasure or killing people because a person has mental problem should be an issue to look into. Gun control in schools are a dangerous and devastatin. Kids who go through shootings/ anxiety and PTSD. Gun control in schools and why it should not be a law. Gun controls in schools is a big problem and should be addressed by the community and the state.

The history behind guns and gun control can be very interesting. Gun control has been in motion since ancient Rome.

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Guns were created to protect the lives of people, to put fear in people and to help fight in war. “To prevent these armies from undermining and overthrowing civil authority, Roman law forbade military arms from crossing the Rubicon.” (Gun Control, Patrick J. Charles). In Rome guns were their most popular weapon. They used it to ensure the army looked intimidating to the eyes of their enemies. Julius Caesar used that opportunity to take over Rome and become emperor. “Julius Caesar maintained a standing army to assume power as emperor of Rome, a historical event that was etched as the beginning of the decline of the Roman Empire.”(Gun Control, Patrick J Charles). Just him doing that made an impact on the Roman Empire, this is to show the power of guns. In England the power of guns were in the house of the parliament, and the one whom wears the crown. ““Men ought indeed have Arms, and them to keep in Readiness for Defence of the King and Kingdom,” stated by MP John Sadler”” (Gun Control, Patrick J. Charles) This quote is self explanatory, arms were invented for one basic use and that was to protect. In England the one who wears the crown has the most power meaning they had a say in what the policy for guns should be.

Even for this purpose, however, arms were strictly regulated by the government to ensure that they were readily available for the common defense and were out of the hands of dangerous persons. “During the reign of Henry VIII (1509–47), restrictions were placed on “weapons” and “defensive armour” being brought to any town, church, market, or other congregation except upon the hue and cry (a practice whereby criminals were pursued with cries and sounds of alarm). Henry VIII had enacted other gun-control laws, including restrictions guns, on who was qualified to possess guns, and on when and where they may be fired.”(Gun Control, Patrick J. Charles). In England the parliament started to realise that they needed to allow everyone to have a gun at home for protection.“During the convention in 1689 that drafted the English Declaration of Rights, Thomas Erle, who had served as a general and was a member of Parliament, proposed that “every substantial householder in any town or city should be provided of a good musket in case of invasion.””(gun Control, Patrick J. Charles). This was so the people knew the government had their safety in mind and trusted them. The safety of the government was not the only reason restrictions on guns were imposed in England. Gun-control restrictions sometimes supported the hunting of game or the access of hunters to game preserves, as well as to prevent crime and murders. There were some people who disagreed with that idea saying, it stopped the growth of the military and also could mean less importance of the government. “Adam Ferguson opposed such restrictions as preventing the establishment of a national militia because, although a “few domestic inconveniences” would occur, this should not “deter us from the necessary Steps” in arming the people for “our own Defence, against a foreign Enemy.” The English writer and MP Soame Jenyns also justified the removal of gun restrictions to further the establishment of a national militia. Although “Accidents [such as murder] may sometimes happen,” it did not matter, he argued, because “every man” in the militia will “beget three Children before he kills one Man.”” (Patrick J. Charles). In America, just like England there were a lot of laws regarding gun-control. There were only two things that were different from the laws of England. The first one would be ownership of guns did not depend on the standard a person was on, on the socio economy. The second one was that all man no matter what class you are in was allowed to carry a gun.

The positives of having gun controls in the schools is very important and much needed. Although some people might say gun controls in school is not that needed, in my opinion it does. If gun controls are practiced in schools there would be a decrease in mental issues in schools. “Proper diagnosis can and often starts in our schools.” ( Three Keys to School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention). Mental health with kids is mostly the cause of gun violence in school. Kids with mental health do not seem to be in the right mind of state so, whatever comes in mind they do it without thinking twice. Another positive outcome of gun controls in school is less bullying of other kids. “We believe if we put a stop to bullying before it starts, fewer teens and young adults will become desperate and resort to violence.” (Three Keys to School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention). Bullying is also another main cause of kids shooting up schools.

A kid is bullied by his peers because they feel he does not belong and he is different or because they are just doing it for fun, the victim gets aggravated, gets a gun and ends up shooting in the school injuring kids if not lucky kills some people. That can all change if the staffs, students and school authorities put a bullying, make sure every kid feels accepted and safe to be in school. “everyone who wants to purchase a firearm should go through a background check, regardless of where they are purchasing the weapon.” (Three Keys to School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention). This is also another pro of gun controls in schools. It should be very important that people have identification, have a full background check and have a license before they can own a gun. This is should be done because a child can go purchase gun at anything and anywhere they want and with that can use it for dangerous things. “Most also said they didn’t immediately join the gun control movement but were inspired by the Stoneman Douglas students.” (Students Ratify School Safety Bill of Rights Calling for New Gun Control, Mental Health Programs By CAROLYN PHENICIE | October 21, 2018). Having gun controls in schools can bring other students together just like the 100 students came together in the nation’s capital to draft and ratify a Students’ Bill of Rights for School Safety. When disaster strikes a place or a country the people come together to fix it. This is a positive outcome because gets more people involved and more people have more knowledge of the issue.

Also the more the people know the more they find a prevention for the cause. ““Obviously the outcry from the students, which has been inspirational to see, has played a major role. It’s unmistakable that they’re immediate involvement has motivated a whole group of people to talk about something that has been sacrosanct.”” (Legislators Say They’re Open To Gun Restrictions In Wake Of School Shooting By Lynn Hatter • Feb 22, 2018 Originally published on February 23, 2018 1:17 pm). Just like the previous quote this also shows how an act on gun violence can bring the kids together. The state or country might not notice but today’s kids are very much interested in what goes on around their surroundings.

Although some people believe in gun controls in schools, not all agree with all the gun control laws the students and others are trying to achieve. “Texans are split on whether more people carrying guns will make for a safer environment.” (More than half of Texans polled wanted stricter gun laws. And that was before the Santa Fe school shooting. by Alex Samuels May 21, 201812 PM). Some people like the texans are stuck between whether the like the ideas of stricter gun control laws in schools. They like the idea of the kids being protected but the extra laws like needing to have a licenses in order to own a gun is unnecessary. “people carrying more guns will make for a safer environment.” (More than half of Texans polled wanted stricter gun laws. And that was before the Santa Fe school shooting. by Alex Samuels May 21, 201812 PM). They think the streets would be more safer if there were more people owning guns to protect themselves because that would input fear into the attacker. Also the fact that if the government was to enforce the checking if id and the person has to be 18 or older or 21 or older, there would be a lot of kids using fake ids to get it.

I am for gun control laws in schools being stricter. Kids coming to school in fearing if they will be able to live a day in school without someone coming in and shooting the school. “like taking guns away from domestic abusers and requiring universal background checks. Others, like instituting a 10-day waiting period for firearm purchases, requiring gun licenses akin to a driver’s license, or increasing the minimum age to purchase weapons from 18 to 21, are more contentious.”(Legislators Say They’re Open To Gun Restrictions In Wake Of School Shooting By Lynn Hatter • Feb 22, 2018 Originally published on February 23, 2018 1:17 pm) Doing this does reduce gun violence. Parents of the kids would buy a gun, not find the right place to hide it so their kids find it and use it. In my opinion, looking at the causes of gun violence in schools should be looked at and fixed in any way possible. “Increase access to mental health services. We need to dramatically expand our focus on mental health.” (Three Keys to School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention) Helping kids with mental health is a major key in preventing gun violence in schools. There are a lot of kids with mental health who need more attention that they are receiving. Bullying is also another point, bullying should be stopped not calmed down.

The problem could also be that there are people who do not understand the word gun control or gun violence or they pretend not to know. “Educating skeptical adults is a key part of the process, the students said. “When they actually know what we’re talking about, they know we’re not trying to take away guns,” (Students Ratify School Safety Bill of Rights Calling for New Gun Control, Mental Health Programs By CAROLYN PHENICIE | October 21, 2018). “It’s not a Republican or Democratic issue, but a “human issue,”” (Students Ratify School Safety Bill of Rights Calling for New Gun Control, Mental Health Programs By CAROLYN PHENICIE | October 21, 2018). People need to understand that it is not everything that the government is suppose to do. This like gun violence should not be left for the government alone to fix. There are certain things that we the people can also help fix the problem. “Of those surveyed, most (24 percent) said the primary cause is a failure of the mental health system, which was closely followed by current gun laws. Thirteen percent of respondents focused much of their ire on extreme views on the internet, while 10 percent blamed various forms of media (e.g., “media attention given to perpetrators of mass shootings”).” (More than half of Texans polled wanted stricter gun laws. And that was before the Santa Fe school shooting. by Alex Samuels May 21, 201812 PM) All of these stated reasons are true because these are all mean causes of gun violence and if we the people were to look into it and try to fix it it would help reduce the violence.

Gun control in school has and it is still changing over the years. After the Florida school shooting, more attention has been drawn on gun control. There has also been increase in securities in schools protecting the kids. Gun control is still a vast issue that is still being taken care off.

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