Blatant Morals and School Shootings

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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With bullets flying claiming the lives of innocent students and wounding others in the process, a pool of emotions surfaces. In abundance, the community shouts(demands,questions,) for answers while grieving in pain. Dating back to the first reported school shootings that took place we stumble upon the gruesome discovery of the “”Enoch Brown”” massacre in 1764. “”Four Delaware (Lenape) American Indians entered the schoolhouse near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and shot and killed schoolmaster Enoch Brown and nine children (reports vary). Only two children survived.

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However, this incident may only incidentally be considered a school “”shooting”” because only the teacher was shot, while the other nine victims were killed with melee weapons”” (Dixon, David (2005). Never Come to Peace Again: Pontiac’s Uprising and the Fate of the British Empire in North America. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press). Early on, with the grieving of friends, family, and, loved ones, psychologist, protestors, and politician sought for answers that ignited this catastrophe in individual(s). Many deemed their speculations on these school shooting to be issues dealing with mental health or some dysfunction in the families.

For centuries this phenomenon has plagued the country with fear. While parents feared for the safety of their kid’s, others wonder what triggered these kids to commit a hideous act. As protestors grew in scores seeking to reform gun laws, congress was being pressured to break a gridlock that would enact new gun restrictions. “”Gun Restriction”” became the topic of this epidemic and mental health was high on the list as the cause. Carefully speaking, as every living soul has a mental health’ as some may be healthier than others its safe to note that it doesn’t classify to the clause of a tragic event.

For instance, mental health can be issues stemming from conditions of bad or good, and for this situation with the school shootings, the obvious conclusions are there were some reasons that sparked a negative reaction. Which it could have stemmed from a multitude of reasons. “”Behavior”” is one of the many faculties in any situation. It’s how you treat a person that determines their behavior. If Jesse’ was the kind of person who likes to taunt and make fun of an Aaron, truly enough Aaron response will more likely be negative at some point. A person can only be pushed so far until a reaction is triggered, and some consequence can be detrimental than others. Such as the tragic event in Parkland Fl. along with many other tragic schools shooting.

However, if a stance wants to be taken on minimizing mass school shootings, first, gun reform shouldn’t be the topic we need to magnify. Maybe we shall put emphasis on teaching our kids moral respect. How you treat people has been a proven factor is what determines an outcome. Our concentration on implementing a stricter moral code of respect amongst peers will undoubtedly have a positive effect.

While its, clearly true of the events of these school shooting was obvious a weaken mental health issue. But, its also obvious that we need to pay closer attention on what caused that person mental health to reach that faulty state.

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