Facts about Catholic and Protestant Propagandists

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Given that this attack on Pope Alexander VI precedes Martin Luther’s critique of the Church by nearly two decades, what can you conclude about its intended audience? To what extent can it be read as a barometer of popular disapproval? What might have been the reason(s) for the use of the concealing flap?

In my opinion its intended audience is those who are aware of the church as well as those who attend. The propaganda was created with pictures so that it appealed to all rather than just focusing on those who could read. Anyone could just look at it and understand the meaning right away, rather than having to read about it. The reason the flap was used was becausei it showed that the pope may seem holy, but in reality he is the devil. In the passage it states, “when the flap is raised, he is revealed as a devil.” This quote tells exactly why the flap was used. It was to reveal the pope’s supposed true self.

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What do you make of the fact that both Catholic and Protestant propagandists were using the same imagery? What do you make of key differences: for example, the fact that the seven-headed beast representing the papacy sprouts out of an altar in which a Eucharistic chalice is displayed, while the seven-headed Martin Luther is reading a book?

Both the Catholic and Protestant church depict seven-headed beast as an evil creature. In image D, you see Martin Luther and the seven different ways that he is portrayed through a woman’s body. The head of the woman is the seven types and the body is shown reading a book. In image C, you have the heads slithering out of a chalice. They also are surrounded on both sides by flags. If you look towards the top, you see part of a broom as well as some kind of weapon and if you look towards the bottom, you will see a little devil like creature crawling out from underneath. All of these printed images also make use of words. Would the message of each image be clear without the use of texts? Why or why not?

I think that if I were looking at them back then, with knowledge of what was going on at the time, I would understand them, but if I were to look at them now without any text, I would be completely confused. I say this because the pictures do not make a lot of sense to me if I just look at them. It is almost as the artists was using surrealism as their art style which can make it difficult to understand without background knowledge. On the other hand, if I were living back then, I would probably understand without the help from text. I say this because like it states in the passage, these were created so that people would not have to read in order to understand what was going on. I do believe that maybe some people then were not aware of all that was actually happening, so they may have felt confused as well if they were to just look at the pictures. Background knowledge is required in order to understand the meaning behind these images.

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