Essay on Renaissance and Reformation

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The esteemed recreation of art, writing, and teaching in the 14th-17th century marks a contemporary period of European history. This era showed a new way of reasoning. This era also led to reforms in the Catholic faith as well as other faiths. This time began new philosophies and applied emphasis on human potential for achievements by establishing a society off the European and Italian traditions.

The Renaissance started in Italy because of the different government structure of specific city guidelines, their primary orientation to handle more enlightened cultures, their well off system that instituted the ability to study, and their whereabouts near the core of the Roman culture which provided an unyielding placement for humanism.

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At this time, it was the era of themes in society occuring in Europe between the 14th and 17th century. At this time, certain playwrights like Thomas Middleton and William Shakespeare were inspired to write the most extraordinary plays; that are still performed to this day. What a lot of people do not know is the fact that Thomas Middleton was one of the people that brought to light sexist stereotypes and racial segregation. Middleton alluded the division of white people and black people. In late 1613, he wrote in his play, “I find the feeling placed upon the faces / of these whites, wond’ rings and strange gazes.”

However, in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Fall” and Thomas Middleton’s “Women Beware of Women”, both of them found common ground in their not-so-sexist views. Both plays convey the same idea but they have different themes. In both plays they ignore the gender norms and they allow women to have strong and dominant roles and in their place, men are being quiet and or having little to no words to articulate. The Reformation, also called the Protestant Reformation, was a spiritual change that took place in the west religion in the 16th century. The substantial people that came out of this era were Martin Luther and St. Calvin. They reached political, economical, and cultural consequences, that eventually turned into the foundation for the rebirth of Christianity, which is one of the most major branches of religion today. It is obvious that during the Renaissance and the Reformation, some alterations and changes were made in this field of Faith.

The Catholic faith was somewhat volatile and as new religious groups appeared, new opinions were made as well. Martin Luther played an important part in the Protestant Reformation because he was different from the Roman Catholic Church. He believed in the “corporate nature of salvation” that a person may discover by the Catholic Church. Although St. Calvin started his teaching piggybacking off of Martin Luther, he began his own religion called Calvinism. His belief was that everyone was going to hell but only a few chosen people, that were blessed by God, will go to heaven. This faith was the start of the adjusted Puritan religion that later settled in America and 1630.

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