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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice are the elements discussed within sexism in advertising regarding the resistant to sex in advertisements. The look on how a man and women should be advertised is an idea invented by Sexism in Advertisements. The idea are implemented for both man and women but it focuses more on women. The ultimate purpose of sexist advertisement is to grab peoples’ attention.

According to Bello et al (1983), LaTour (1990) and Fetto (2001) generally there are more positive effects on male audiences than female audiences when using sexual appeal in advertisements. Further, Parker & Furnham (2007) stated that compared to women, men recalls sexual advertisements more better. Other than that, it is also stated that men are more favorable attitude to such ads (Judd & Alexander, 1983; LaTour & Henthorne, 1994; Putrevu, 2008) and towards the advertised brands (LaTour & Henthorne, 1993). Skorek and Dunham (2012) stated that although there are very limited studies on why such event takes place, yet man’s self- esteem increases due to the subjection of idealized women’s image.

Hence, it can be concluded that a women in sexual posture increases the self- enhancing on man. Apart from that, it can be seen that a male’s targeted audience are much more lesser than female nudity. Female nudity in an ad increases the target audience (Jones et al., 1998; LaTour, 1990; LaTour et al, 1990). Judd and Alexander (1983), LaTour and Henthorne (1993) stated a point that targeting women in nudity brings harm to the women’s. When targeting men it will in general be more effective to show nudity of a female model than a male model (Jones et al., 1998). It is crucial to have the values that are important to the group rather than just looking into demographics of target audience. Although there are less positive effects on women in sexuality ads, LaTour (1990) stated that feminism may be the negative factor of rather than other reasons such as for women with conservative values. Patterson et al., (2009) p.10, mentioned that an ad have to leave strong concrete impression on the customer’s minds. Because this allows them to recognize as well as to remember the product or brands in a easy way rather then the companies.

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