The Effect of Brown V. Board of Education on Blacks’ Earnings

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The case of Brown V. Board of Education was one of the greatest defining moments in American history as it began the long process of racial integration starting with the school systems. Brown V. Board of Education right up ‘till today remains one of, if not the most important cases that African Americans have brought to the surface for the better of the United States. This case was not simply about the children and education; It was tied with being equal in a society that claims African Americans were treated equally when in certainty they were definitely not. Even after the Brown V. Board era, African Americans fought energetically to achieve the unimaginable for better and equal access to an incredible education system. Sadly, returning to the twentieth-century minorities still, are faced with the racial disparities America has socially constructioned. Education is as yet still one of the most deliberated and controversial issues in the United States. Up to this point, the privilege or right to receive education has not achieved the level of equality throughout the country; poor districts acquire less educational funding while rich districts get more, creating an immense gap between the nature of the schools in the poor and rich areas. For what reason should our complexion justify who’s suitable to receive the best education similar to our white peers. Students of color particularly black male’s futures are in the hands of unequal access to key educational resources. That can include skilled teachers, quality curriculums and fundamental funding. All the essentials a white student will receive to succeed. Racial disparities in our learning environment are more evident than ever.

Students of color are faced with the reality that they receive dramatically different learning opportunities because of their socioeconomic disadvantages. We live in a society where they would rather see a black man pick up a gun before they’ll see him pick up a book. Growing up in a system that socially oppressed for years is something that has affected my past, future, and present. The decision to write about such a remorseful topic is because I personally can use my own experience and know what it feels like to grow up in an education system that requires me to work ten times harder than my white peers. With an education system that is set up to favor the white it just opposes a challenge to those who don’t fit the description. Everyone in our education system deserves to be educated in a positive work environment where they are safe, comfortable and engaged in their learning. According to the video “Growing Up Black”, one African American male in the video explains one of the particular challenges African American face. He states “With black people like myself we don’t get as many chances as they do… so you have to be aware and you have to watch out…. you can’t mess up”. The New York Times. YouTube, 8 May 2015, This statement given by this young African American male is just one of the many challenges we, unfortunately, have to face for the rest of our lives.

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This issue with our school systems and the disparities we face day by day has spurred various organizations, as the now infamous ‘NAACP’. The underlying foundations of the NAACP (National Association for the Advance of Colored People) were established on the reason that people were created equal. This organization ensures that the political, educational and socioeconomic rights of minority groups are achieved. The NAACP seeks to advocate for the fair and equal treatment for African Americans. The NAACP serves as a barrier to provided resources to the African American community. The leaders of this organization strived to provide a solid public education in our communities and guarantees that disadvantaged and students of color get a world-class education. The NAACP was established in 1909, this organization is the country’s biggest and most generally perceived civil rights associations. NAACP was initially formed by a multiracial activist group, amongst these group of activists composed of powerful and determined leaders including W.E.B. Du Bios, the first African American sociologist. According to the document published by A&E Television Network it states that NAACP was founded in light of the 1908 Springfield race riot in Illinois. In that occasion two black men were being held in a Springfield correctional facility for supposed crimes against white people however, they were transferred to another facility in another city. A compelling white mob retaliated and torched 40 homes in Springfield’s black community and ransack their businesses. Editors, “NAACP.”, A&E Television Networks, 29 Oct. 2009, LDF which is NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Foundation seeks to wipe out racial disparities within our communities and to accomplish racial inequality in our society. LDF works eagerly to guarantee that students of color receive a safe inclusive top-notch education. According to the web page, LDF filed a complaint against the specialized high schools in NYC schools district.

This complaint which spoke about the disparities African Americans and other minorities group face with gaining an opportunity to attend a life-changing school. LDF states ‘‘Diversity of backgrounds and perspectives has always been New York City’s and the United States’ strength……ensuring all young people an opportunity to succeed is in everyone’s interest……Specialized High schools must be open and accessible to good students from all communities.’’ Achieve Racial Justice, Equality, and Inclusion in Society. (n.d.). Retrieved from The LDF which filed this complaint against NYC board of coalition wanted to fight for equal opportunity for the African American Community. The NAACP organization itself has made a positive impact throughout the years for African Americans. NAACP still continues to advocate for equal opportunities throughout the United States. This organization should continue to empower African American to stay in school and rise above the influence. They should provide mentorships to students who continue off to college as a way to provide back to the students.

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