Effects Birth Control have on Women

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Most believe that birth control serves one purpose to prevent pregnancy. While it’s very effective compared to other forms of contraceptives, the effects aren’t just limited to pregnancy prevention. Its also known to be used to help treat other health concerns such as menstrual relief, skin changes, and more. Birth control has different side effects on women because of different hormone levels and each birth control carries different level of progestin and/or estrogen. Given the grueling horror stories we hear about different women and their personal experiences with birth control women should do thorough research when seeking for birth control because of the different side effects that they all come with like weight gain, mood swings and high risk factor for major health diseases.

With the help of technology and medicine birth control over the years has evolved and there’s different types of birth control and come in different forms some are low maintenance and some are high maintenance . The pill also known as the combination pill which you take daily by mouth, the IUD is inserted the uterus and it last for about 3-6 years. Each of the different type of birth control each comes with different effects on the female body, the number 1 effect is weight gain and it has been significantly linked to the progestin-only Depo shot, an injection you receive once every three months. The Depo shot has been found to cause weight gain in one out of every four women who uses the shot, as confirmed in a 2009 study from the University of Texas. Though nobody knows exactly why the progestin in the Depo shot causes weight gain, while the progestin in the implant doesn’t. Doctors think it has to do with two things: the high amount of progestin in the shot, and the way it is released into your body, all of which can affect your metabolism, possibly leading to increased thirst and hunger. “When you first go on the pill or switch brands, your body may experience breast tenderness and swelling due to hormonal stimulation of the breast tissue,” says Susan Loeb-Zeitlin, M.D., an OB/GYN in New York City. Many women mistake as weight gain is often just their body going through an adjustment period, after three months your body gets used to the hormonal changes. It is important to know the what all the side effects are in seeking birth control.

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For lots of people, birth control can help with heavy periods, painful cramps, horrible acne and irregular cycles. But many may be very sensitive to the way these hormones interact with their body, which might have a negative effect on their mood. Many people notice mood changes throughout their natural menstrual cycle, so it’s possible that regulating your cycle with hormonal birth control can have you on an emotional roller coaster. Some women say hormonal birth control makes them feel depressed, irritable, or just plain weird. Everybody is different and responds to each birth control pill formulation in a different way. For some women, mood swings and menstrual cycles are very much in sync. But for women on the pill, hormones and emotions can get really messed up. The key difference between brands are the amounts of estrogen and progestin in them. This is why some women switch brands if they think they’re getting too little or too much hormones, based on the symptoms experienced. Just as the Depo shot you will experience weight gain, the pill has been known to have your emotions running wild.

The thing to remember is not everyone experiences same side effects. There are positive and negative things to say about each and every method. And everyone’s different with each birth control method. Both the IUD method and the implant, commonly known as Nexplanon, both has to be inserted, the IUD is inserted in the uterus, where the implant which is a rod is usually inserted in your arm. With the IUD its known to be a high risk for pelvic inflammatory disease. The IUD and implant also can be expelled from the uterus and/ or go through the wall of the uterus. Since the 60s, the contraceptive pill has promised us greater control over our bodies and fertility, but this “freedom” may come at an enormous cost to a woman’s health. And the harmful effects of birth control pills go beyond strokes or cancer. Danish research shows that the birth control pill significantly affects the ovarian reserve which can be a predictor of future fertility. Also, the pill can cause the shrinkage of the ovaries, which becomes between 29 and 52% smaller, with the biggest reductions seen in women aged 19- 29 years. Research from the Women’s Lifestyle and Health Study in Sweden and Norway has shown that the risk of breast cancer in women taking the contraceptive pill rose by 58% in women still using the pill compared with never-users and 144% in women aged 45 or over who were still using the Pill. According to the National Cancer Institute, Birth control may also increase the risk of benign liver lumps which have the potential to turn into cancer.

Doctors rarely discuss side effects with women when they prescribe them the contraceptive pill, adding to the myth that the birth control pill is completely safe and barely impacts on your mind and body. Unfortunately, many women first start taking the pill as teenagers and don’t realize that as they get older that their health could be impacted from these hormonal imbalances over time. Other health problems caused by birth control many other hormones imbalance symptoms and health problems including weight gain established that birth control compromise insulin sensitivity and increase inflammation. Both of these factors are also known triggers for weight gain. Taking the birth control pill almost doubles a woman’s risk of experiencing a stroke. As testosterone is necessary for energy, mental clarity, healthy bones, confidence as well as strength and muscle building this can be bad news for your body. So what’s a girl to do? After all, we grew up accustomed to the pill being The Solution to our sexual freedom and family planning. Good news is Hormone-free birth control methods do exist. They use these to determine their fertile windows during their menstrual cycle and then use condoms for contraception during those days. Birth control not only prevent pregnancies but also has a huge effect on the human body when it comes to weight emotional and health risks.

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