Dysfunctional Family in Death of a Salesman

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Updated: May 24, 2021
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Dysfunctional Family in Death of a Salesman essay

“In the play of Death of a Salesman, we are confronted with a dysfunctional family. Willy Loman, the father of two sons, Biff and Happy. Due to Willy’s parental abandonment when he was younger, it has led to him terrible character traits. Willy believes in the American Dream of simple achievement and riches; however, he could never accomplish it. Nor does his children satisfy his expectation that they will succeed where he has failed. Willy pins his failed hopes on his sons, Biff and Happy. At the point when Willy’s deceptions start to bomb under the squeezing substances of his life, his emotional wellness starts to unwind and he becomes mentally ill.

Biff Loman who is Willy’s 34 old child had a good existence in high school as a football star with grant prospects, many male friends, and female admirers. His academic failures lead to not having enough credits to graduate. Willy is to blame for this because he never encouraged him to do well in the school. During Biff’s teenager time period, he caught Willy cheating on their mother. Though Biff kept it to himself he grew hatred towards his father. Biff cannot seem to overlook his impulses that instructs him to abandon his father’s dreams so he eventually neglects to reconcile his father’s desires and expectations. When biff was younger, his father used to encourage his theft so Biff ended up living a life of kleptomania. His compulsion to steal has gotten him terminated from each job that he has had which even led to him in jail at a time.

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Happy Loman who is 32 years old, is Willy’s youngest son. Happy is best described as the least attractive son who isn’t adored and acknowledged as much as Biff. Happy eventually becomes envious of his older brother. Happy never feels good and fulfilled in his life since he is never enjoyed by his dad. Because of this reason, Happy strives to satisfy his dad in any possible way.

In spite of the fact that he has a decent notoriety in business, Happy fails to make any progress throughout everyday life. Just like Biff, he remains a disappointment throughout his home, training, and business. In spite of being a part of a successful organization, Happy feels that he is dominated by his managers who terrorize him every day.

Last but not least, Linda Loman, the mother to Biff and Happy, and wife of Willy, can be best seen as the perfect wife and mother. She is a stay at home wife who tries to keep the family happy, especially Willy. Linda is naïve and realistic of her husband’s hopes. She protects all his dreams. When Linda is talking to her sons, she is very confident, but when she is talking to Willy, she is unsure. Linda follows all of Willy’s rule and sticks by his side with anything he says. Linda always try to feed Willy positivity and assures him that she is there for him no matter what. She does not want to see him hurt or in pain so she does a good job of keeping to herself what she really feels. Despite the fact that Willy is regularly inconsiderate and mean to her and there is the likelihood that Linda suspects him of having an affair, she remains quiet about it.

Since a salesman does not make his/her very own item, they must sell his/her identity as much as his/her item. Willy Loman falsely believed that he just has to be liked to become wildly successful. Sadly, his fantasies did not fit his reality. In results, Willy committed suicide so that his family would get his life insurance money. I believe that Linda is one He lives with a perfect past in his mind that he can’t dispose of, and this is the place his ruin comes from. Willy’s powerlessness to adjust to the present and let go of the past is the thing that pushes him on this descending winding. Linda just adds to this issue, making him decrease to the point of suicide. Linda could have kept this descending winding from consistently happening, had she acted in an unexpected way. Her inactivity is the thing that lead to Willy’s prevalence complex, which enabled him to live in a deception where he was a more prominent man than he really was. By not standing up to Willy about his suicide endeavors, she likewise appeared to give him the thumbs up to execute himself. Her activities are altogether identified with the way that she needs Willy to experience her fantasy, despite the fact that this fantasy is the thing that prompts Willy’s unavoidable destruction. In spite of the fact that Linda appeared to be an ideal, cherishing spouse, it was her activities that helped lead Willy into a descending winding, which finished in his passing.”

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