Dracula’s Character as the Anti Christ

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“In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the antagonist, the ancient vampire Dracula, is an anDracula’s Character as The Anti Christ tichrist figure because he violates basic Christian values and is a tempter who, like the devil, wishes to recruit his followers by getting them to voluntarily damn themselves.

The first indication that Dracula is evil or “unholy” is his dislike and fear of Catholic holy symbols. This is evident in his confrontation with Johnathan Harker while he is shaving. When Harker leaves to travel to Dracula’s castle, the old lady places a “…rosary around my neck and said, ‘For your mother’s sake’” (9). The rosary is one of the most common holy symbols used by many Christians and Catholics. They are considered as holy objects that will shield anyone from all evil, which in Harker’s case is Dracula. A few days later, while in Dracula’s Castle, Harker accidentally cuts himself shaving. Dracula “…starts to attack him, he notices the beads and the crucifix and backs down” (31). This describes Dracula’s extreme hatred toward God. It could also depict how Dracula is like the Anti-Christ because he is unable to go anywhere near such holy objects and is repelled even at the very sight of them.

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It is known that God cannot enter someone’s house unless he is invited in. This is also the same for Dracula because he waits for his victims to voluntarily come to him and accept him. For instance, when Harker first arrived at the Count’s manor, Dracula welcomes him in as he says “Enter freely and of your own free will” (10) which indicates how Dracula, like God, does not force people into accepting him. Once Harker “had stepped over the threshold” (10), Dracula broke character and grasped Harker’s hand with such strength that Harker was appalled. Because Harker stepped into Dracula’s house at his own free will, Dracula takes this as a sign of Harker’s acceptance that bids Dracula accomplish his purpose, even if it means Harker’s misery. His characteristic to give his victims the ability to choose shows how similar he is to God. Not many evil-doers have the urge to wait for the consent of their victims before they could act upon their malicious ways. Both wait patiently at the door. The only difference is that, instead of being welcomed with grace, Dracula’s victims are welcomed in suffering.

Like the Devil, Dracula also tempts his victims to fulfill his sinful deeds. An example of this would be when Mina finds Lucy on the cliff “in a half-dreamy state, with an odd look on her face” (47) and a sees a glimpse of a tall white figure that “had great eyes like burning flames” (47). Lucy had been walking in her sleep, unaware that her feet would take her to the one who had been slowly killing her– Dracula. He lures his victims in a way that makes them oblivious to the potential danger that lies ahead. This is quite similar to how the Devil works as he often deceives and traps his victims in several ways–one of which is through temptation– causing them to turn against God which would then lead to their damnation.

Also, although Dracula has God-like powers, rather than using them for the good of humanity, he utilizes it only to benefit himself. An example of this is the fact that Dracula possesses the power to control the weather. As Dracula was moving his boxes of “earth” to Carfax, he creates a dangerous storm that crashes the ship. “The waves rose in growing fury” and “the wind roared like thunder, and blew with such force that it was with difficulty that even strong men kept their feet” (87). This gives importance to Dracula’s character as his actions parallel with that of the Anti-Christ. His ability to manipulate the weather shines light on Dracula’s character because not a single human being is able to control the weather; Dracula uses this power to take the lives of the innocent, even though he did not have to. All he needed was a way to transport his belongings to Carfax. But because he killed everyone on board, showing how selfish and evil he is; thus, portraying the Anti-Christ in him.

When he arrives to Carfax, Dracula begins his journey in feeding on his victims and just as how God had his disciples, so did Dracula. As the story progresses, the narrator shows what animals Dracula is able to control–wolves, bats and rats. These animals are considered to be creatures of the night which is significant because many Christians would say that the Anti-Christ is the ruler of the night. This is portrayed when Dracula breaks into Lucy’s house:

“…There was a crash at the window and a lot of broken glass on the floor. The window blind blew back with the wind that rushed in, and in the aperture of the broken panes there was the head of a great, gaunt wolf” (157).

Dracula uses the wolf and controls it by breaking into Lucy’s room to take her blood. He uses his God-like powers in controlling other animals to fulfill his wicked purpose. Another example would be Renfield. In the Bible, when God is addressed, every pronoun that pertains to him is capitalized, which represents the highest praise and respect for God. Dracula’s disciple, Renfield, was also the same. “I am not even concerned in His especially spiritual doings” (287). This would symbolize how Renfield sees Dracula as his master. He also says “If I may state my intellectual position I am, so far as concerns things purely terrestrial, somewhat in the position which Enoch Occupied spiritual” (287) which is highly significant because Enoch was one of God’s twelve disciples. Dracula’s followers act similarly to that of God’s followers– every instruction was followed without question, except, Dracula’s disciples aim to damn the world, rather than saving it.

For Christians, it is considered that the Holy Communion–the digestion of God’s body and blood– must be taken in order to go to heaven. Dracula, however, is the complete opposite; he, rather, consumes the blood of his victims in order to thrive. In the Bible, God broke bread and presented his disciples with wine. He told them that the bread symbolizes his body and that the wine symbolized his blood. Taking this would mean the acceptance of God’s perfect sacrifice as he carried the weight of the world on the cross. For Dracula, he remains undead because he depends on the blood of the living to retain his “life” and become more powerful. As he literally takes away the souls of his victims, Dracula renovates his undead being which is the complete opposite of God’s purpose. Dracula’s practice of consuming the blood of humans is also considered demonic and unholy in the Christian perspective which would also explain Dracula’s similarity with the Anti-Christ.

In various ways, the antagonist, Dracula, is made to resemble the Anti-Christ. His extreme disdain towards holy objects such as the crucifix and the rosary as well as his characteristics to control the weather around him to slaughter the innocent shows how he is like the Anti-Christ. He is depicted to be the master of deception as he deceives his victims and uses them for his advantage, even when they are already suffering. Dracula has no regard for anybody except himself which shows how selfish and heartless he is. Also like God, Dracula has his own followers. However, his followers do not work to benefit the good of humanity–they work to fulfill the deeds of a single, evil individual, Dracula. His actions in killing and consuming the blood of his victims go against the very purpose of God’s foundation; God sacrificed himself to better humanity and to save them from eternal damnation. Dracula, however, sacrifices the lives of other human beings for his own welfare which shows signifies how he is portrayed as an antichrist figure.”

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