The Role of Sexuality in Dracula

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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“The role of sexuality is discussed throughout the novel of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dracula takes place at the time of the Victorian era and during this time era gender roles were completely different than how they are now today in modern society. Today in society women are just as equal as men and can accomplish anything that men are able to achieve. Back then women weren’t supposed to be viewed as independent and working. Women in the Victorian era were mainly just perceived as stay at home housewifes while the men were viewed as the head of the household doing all the work while being the one who is usually in control.

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The role of sexuality is first looked at when Harker is approached by three beautiful women who are vampires. The women try to mesmerize Harker by using their looks and charm eventually wanting to kill him and suck his blood. This scene emphasizes the advantage of sexuality how the women use their female assets of looks and appeal into wanting to commit murder and blood. This scene also demonstrates how sexuality was carried out back then in the Victorian era. That women would have to act affectionate towards men if they wanted really wanted to take advantage of them.

Dracula infers many different viewpoints on the topic of sexual behavior in society in Victorian England. The topic of sexual behavior is displayed when one of the main female characters in the novel, Lucy is represented by Jonathan in his chronicles in a very sexual orientiented way. Lucy has three men in mind that she is considering on having a relationship with and has a hard time on making a decision. Ultimately, Lucy ends up wanting to marry all three men and displays sexual behavior by kissing each and every one of the men. Unfortunately for Lucy, she ends up getting bit by Dracula and turns into a vampire. This example just goes to show what sexual behavior was like during the Victorian era. Women weren’t as respected by men and were treated unfavorable. Overall, sexuality played a huge role in the novel of Dracula and can be looked at from many different perspectives.”

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