Do you Think Bouncers should be at School

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When I was in 4th grade my friend and I was playing dodgeball tag with a soccer ball. We were having fun we were not bothering anyone, but then one of the teachers said, “ you guys could get hurt”. I don’t think we could get hurt because we were in the 4th grade and we could barely throw a ball. Pretty much every boy I know says dodgeball should be allowed in the gym.

For the people that do want to play dodgeball, they should be in a different class without the people who don’t want to play.

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When I had my 12th birthday party we played dodgeball at my party and nobody got hurt because we all knew how to catch a rubber ball. I hit a kid in the face with a dodgeball and I asked him, “Are you ok?”, and he said, “Yeah I’m ok”.

He was out of the game and got over it but was ok. Dodgeball is an active sport that is great for your health and a good team sport. It makes you run and sprint which can burn calories and keep you fit. Besides this sport being fun, it can also keep you in shape, fit, and improve hand-eye coordination.

Main idea 1: Dodgeball keeps you active through short bursts of running. It can also improve your cardiovascular system and lower blood pressure. When players are running across the court they are sprinting and trying to not get hit with a ball and also trying to hit opponents with a ball. It also improves balance and agility. Playing dodgeball also increases fast reflexes, social interaction, and flexibility.

Main idea 2: Throwing a dodgeball and catching a dodgeball both involve hand-eye coordination. While adjusting their body to throw increases your rapid movement which helps your agility. When players are adjusting their bodies to throw that increases their overall balance.

Main idea 3: Dodgeball teaches teamwork because you are working with your team to get the other people out by catching the ball when they throw it or if they get someone out or throwing it at someone. Teamwork also teaches quick reflexes, coordination. Dodgeball is such a teamwork sport because if someone is out on your team is out you can catch a ball thrown from the opposing team and get them back in. In conclusion, dodgeball isn´t supposed to be considered a dangerous sport, it is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to keep your body healthy, and it teaches teamwork!

All of my friends say that dodgeball should be in school. I think that Dodgeball is indeed a contact sport and if kids don´t want to play they don´t have to and the gym teacher is not permitted to make kids play. Dodgeball has been in schools for a long time and does not propose a serious threat to others playing the game. This sport should be in schools for kids who want to play and stay active. ` 

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