Disneyland’s Customer-Centric Approach to Leisure Spaces

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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Our real strength in the leisure sector is our ability to understand a client’s existing customers and to find a way to grow the business without alienating them.

We analyse the site and work out what will give the desired outcome, whether that’s ground work, external or internal branding, lighting, specifying furniture or redesigning the flow of the space.

We get a lot of praise for our work with pubs, bars and nightclubs. Our point of difference is that we offer a full design and build service, managing every detail of a project from concept to completion, appointing and managing all sub-contractors to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

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Leisure environments are always in high demand; it is a place for not only workers but the general populous to enjoy their time, of which can be enhanced by a professionally designed and built space that compliments the needs of the individuals.

Our goal is to work alongside you to create the ideal leisure space that you have envisioned for your specified clientele, making sure the entire work is fit-to-purpose, reliable and customer focused.

Disney Institute shares the operational practices used to serve Guests at our parks and resorts for over 60 years. We know that excellent service does not simply come from a friendly smile or easy transaction. It results from truly understanding the customer’s needs and putting the right guidelines and customer service standards in place, so we can exceed their expectations.

When an organization puts the customer at its core empowering its people and unifying its processes outstanding customer service becomes possible on a consistent basis, from the first greeting to the final meeting. When all touch points are exemplary experiences, a customer has a much greater incentive to return, as well as recommend us to others. No one understands this better than Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

In general, theme parks can be defined as a subset of visitor attractions. Visitor attractions are described as permanent resources which are designed, controlled and managed for the enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, and education of the visiting public

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