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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Walt Disney World, a place where fun is required and imaginations run wild. The mere thought of Walt Disney World brings fireworks of excitement into one’s mind. The ability to see your favorite characters come to life, diverse delicious food, and to explore the land of many wonders is mind blowing. I remember going to Walt Disney World for the first time in my life and how beyond excited I was. Walt Disney World has four main parks; Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot; and each brings its own personality to the table.

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On the first day at Walt Disney World, the first park I visit was Epcot. Epcot is immediately breathtaking with its beautiful symbol, the white sphere known as “Spaceship Earth”. Half of the park is exploring the use of new and old technology, outer space, scientific discoveries on land and under the sea. Surrounding a giant lake, the other half of Epcot is showcasing many different countries and their cultures. Each country has beautiful music playing, different smells of food roaming the air and different attractions that showcase its own culture. Each country has its own building that displays the history of each country. After sunset, there is a beautiful display of fireworks and music that leaves you in awe. Epcot is a place of entertainment and education for all ages.

The second day, I visit Animal Kingdom. The nature loving park is well known for its animal conservation. To enter the park you walk through a beautiful jungle, it is quite peaceful. As you enter the park, you will notice the symbol of Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life. To the left of the tree you will enter

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“Pandora and Africa” to learn its history and beauty. To the right, you will enter “Dinoland U.S.A and Asia”. At night there is a night show that is called “Pandora”, inspired by the movie, Avatar. The Tree of Life is filled with fluorescent lights and the spectacular fireworks show begins. My favorite ride in this park was the Na’ vi River Journey, such a beautiful nightlight that showcase the wonderful rainforest.

The third day, I visit Magical Kingdom. This park radiates imaginary magic, the type of magic that gives you excitement and goosebumps. Before entering the park you immediately hear classical music from classic Disney movies. You enter onto Main street, the buildings filled with gift shops, restraunts, guest information, and merchandise shops. On the street, carriages with beautiful horses are strolling by, dancers are performing a show, different classic character’s are taking pictures with guests and the aroma of sweet foods is floating in the air. The magical feeling has just gotten started. Immediately as you walk down Main street you will see the iconic Disney symbol that you see on any Disney products or movie, the Cinderella Castle. The castle is big, beautiful, and it gives you immediate goosebumps. The night show in Magic Kingdom is much different than the other parks. The castle is used as a projector screen and different characters are animated onto the castle. The animation is played by the emotions of music and is complimented with a beautiful firework show. There is nothing more magical than Magic Kingdom at night.

My final day in Walt Disney World was spent at Hollywood Studios. This park is decorated in Antique buildings as if in the time of the 1930s and 1940s. The park is designed to celebrate all Disney movies, shoes, and music. The most famous movies that are displayed are Toy Story, Indian Jones, Star Wars, Frozen, and the Disney Jr, shows. Hollywood Studios has a live action Star Wars show that really is very admirable. I admire the dedication each character stays in their roles. . The night show for this park is very spectacular and beautiful.

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Walt Disney World is a lifetime experience. The Walt Disney company is dedicated to give a clean, safe, and memorable experience in each of its parks. The attractions are thrilling, the food is savory, the beverages are refreshing, the characters are an excitement, and each show is unforgettable. This theme park is truly where fun is required, the imagination runs wild and your dreams do come true.

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