Planning a Trip to Disney

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Forty square miles, 200 food accommodations, 46 rides, and seventeen resorts. Walt Disney World has been bringing joy and magic to the hearts of people all over the world since October 1, 1971. People have been visiting this fantasy land for many years, but some still manage to miss most of the fun that Disney has to offer. Its about time someone explained the steps to the perfect trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

The first step that needs to be taken is to the decide the length of the trip.

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The reasons to know the amount of days is not only to know how much the customer will be packing, but to also help choose which vacation package will be the most suitable for the trip. If a person is ever confused on which is better, customer service is accessible around the clock.

Next is to pick amongst the extensive living accommodations for the guests. From musical, to tropical, or even artistic, Disney has is all. Every resort has everything a vacation goer could want. At Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, all the guests get a taste and feel of what its like to be under the sea with Ariel and King Triton, or even hang out with Lightning McQueen and Mator! Each room is decorated with different themes related to Disney movies, some of the rooms even have large sea shells for beds. As guests explore the main building, concept art of previous movies and short animations depict beloved stories along walls of the corridors. Throughout the entire resort art of all shapes and sizes can be found, just ask the four-story high Ursula in Ariel’s courtyard.

And now its time to hop on to a bus to the Magic Kingdom and begin the fun! “Visitors to the Magic Kingdom enter through Main Street, U.S.A., and step into a colorful past,” (Walt Disney Company,1993, p.14). The first thing to do is jump on the train and ride through Adventureland. Once the train reaches its destination follow the plan set for the day and work all the way back around the park to Tomorrowland. There are sixteen different attractions to visit, which makes for a busy day. Remember to stop at the many food venders along the way to try the many tasty treats along the journey. Throughout the trip make sure to watch out for hidden Mickeys all around the different parks, some may even catch you by surprise.

For the second day its time to ride to the futuristic land of Epcot. “Epcot will be an experimental prototype community of tomorrow that will take its cue from new ideas and technologies that are engineering from the creative center of American industry,” (Walt Disney, 1966). Epcot is one of the most famous parks, known for its futuristic look and rides that people have come to love and admire. As soon as guests walk through the entrance plaza the Spaceship Earth is the only thing to be seen, standing 180 feet tall. Epcot not only offers people to see the futuristic visions of Walt Disney, but it also offers people the chance to travel the world, not in 80 days, but a whopping four hours. It is best to travel the park counterclockwise, finishing with the amazing ride, Spaceship Earth. Don’t forget to stop in between counties for bite to eat, maybe even try to keep track of every hidden Mickey seen so far.

For day three a trip to Hollywood Studios is up next. Hollywood Studios is most famous for its thrilling ride, The Tower of Terror, and its amazing show starring The Sorcerers Apprentice himself, Mickey Mouse. This show easily became a crowd favorite in 1998. This park is home to more shows than just Fantasmic, its also home to other attractions that bring in millions of visitors each year. When exploring this park it is best to begin on the left and work back to the right end of the park. Make sure to stop at Star Tours and battle Darth Vader.

Up next is the Animal Kingdom. “A major theme in Animal Kingdom is conservation, with an emphasis on environmental awareness, not only in the park but also on a global level,” ( Susan Veness, p. 203). The Tree of Life is the most famous attraction in this park, standing at 145 feet tall. Around this park guests can find many wild animals on safari. When visiting this park make sure to explore the new Pandora, home to the Avatar Flight of passage.

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort, time is the key to fun. Walt created a land where people of all backgrounds could enjoy. Our job is to remember his legacy by visiting what he left behind. “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world,” ( Walt Disney).

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