Criticism and Racism Every Day

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Racial profiling is when someone is targeting or suspecting a cultural group of a certain race by someone stereotyping there racial profiling. A strong example that can be used now is people of minority will most likely get stopped or pulled over than white people. While you have the media and such bashing minorities for having “drugs” and “weapons” and being the reason for conflicts in the world. Another example was after the terrorist attack of 9/11. After that incident, the government started to express racial profiling more as the media took the people behind “terrorist” as just being minorities.

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It soon became overturned since the Supreme Court finally realized that it was unconstitutional, but it is still now a days being expressed and trained by programs and such in the United States. From the contact hypothesis, Kids need to be taught by their parents at an early age that everyone is the same person no matter the color of the skin or culture to get rid of racial profiling/racism.

A country that is recognized for being ethnocentric is the United States who was and is still currently being established through the backbone of immigrants who still must face racism now and in the past. When you look at it, every culture and ethnicity that enters or is born in the United States that isn’t white faces criticism and racism every day. An example of this is how cultures and minorities brought the United States up and are what make the world goes around but are still faced with racism.

The social construction of race shows us a better understanding of the categories of races. Due to many people of different colors of skin living in different regions of the world, race is considered to not be biological identifiable. This is the explanation of the reason for people who are lighter skin than others. Social construction is also the evolution of the many names categorized of race which for example, African Americans were first named names such as Negros but are now called African Americans. From the symbolic interactionist, people view each other through micro which is people in a society creating their social interactions. Somebody’s perspective of someone else in society is based of things in popular medias who must set strong identity.

Model minority are the groups who maintain the power to stay or become successful even though they are being told at of prejudices and discriminations even though they feel that they overpowered social, education and the economy. A disadvantage of being a model minority is going through the discrimination scars a person as the past would change the views and perspective of the model minority. The advantage is to prove that any color excluding white can become successful even through the hardships of discrimination and becoming a strong person.

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