African American People with Racism

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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African American people continue to encounter blatant racism today after all the improvement in the civil rights refinement after all these decades. There are different types of racism present in American life today. Racism has a direct effect on everyone’s life, white people included; it molds the large historical circumstances of minorities in endless negative ways. I am not saying that we have not made great strides but just because we are not facing the racism of the past does not mean the problem has been resolved.

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Individual discrimination has a big influence on racism today. The police’s reservation about young black men can attest to the fact the there are high arrest rates and flawed policies such as stop and frisk. Stop and Frisk, also known as racial profiling has been criticized for targeting minority groups in minority communities which as been said to be based on race alone. Racial profiling occurs when law enforcement stops, searches, or investigates a person because he believes that person’s ethnic group is more likely to commit a crime (Gross, Livingston 2002). When an African American person is unable to receive a good mortgage rate because of your color it makes it difficult to live in better neighborhoods with better schools; this strengthens inequality in education and income.

Despite congress stopping the legal practice of separating blacks from whites, the actuality is that the practice continued. De facto Segregation refers to racial segregation that is not reinforced by the law but takes place regardless. For example, Tawanna’s three children attend school three blocks from where they live. The school is attended by 80% black students, the other 20% being made up of a combination of races. Tawanna feels her kids are not getting the caliber education they deserve an feels this is racism because of the separation. This is an example of de facto segregation because the large number of black students is because of the primarily black population of the school district. This is still taking places today but better known as modern segregation. The schools that low income African American children attend today are segregated because they are situated in separated neighborhoods that are far from middle class neighborhoods.

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