Compulsory Secondary School Addiction Courses

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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As adults we need to stand together allowing schools to have required courses on addiction, dangers of a gun, and the consequence of being high school dropouts. Along with having public speakers who served time due to committing crimes and hanging with the wrong crowd, having multiple write-ups, not willing to learn, with the fact of not attending school on the regular. Public schools along with private schools should conduct random drug test on any student randomly picked. If caught, the student should attend a drug awareness class once a week for a month.

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These programs should be available on main campus.

There are currently program Departments for these kids. These programs offer family therapy, hoping to keep our youngsters from being a part of the Juvenile prison pipeline. There are also programs for continuing education and trades offering job placements pursuing a career. Being objective, flexible, never stereotype, and understanding some may come with baggage hanging with friends.

The Prison Pipeline is not an answer to correct a juvenile’s life. Prison pipeline instead is a program that is utilized for black kids and low-income families. Causing a percentage of 60 of these kids after released to never return to receive the proper education needed to succeed in life. Blacks are three times more to get into trouble. As easy as not following school dress code may end you up in prison pipeline. (Xavier McElrath-Bey/Tedx North Western University 2014)

states The U.S. currently spends 10,000 on each child for education and 88,000 on those incarcerated. The school of prison pipeline was designed for the young black men after the rule of zero tolerance. Teachers then began to use and enforce this as their token pretending to feel threaten. What ever happened with building a relation with the parent to make sure the kid would be disciplined if there was a problem needed to be addressed. Parents instead are more likely afraid to send their kids to schools due to the zero policy, wondering if their kid will arrive home from the bus safely. This is definitely a down fall! states Now having officers in the schools makes every infraction more intense then it would be considered before adding police officers to the schools to enforce policies. This particular system makes it easier to fall into the justice system, causing individuals to fall behind in time, with the possibility of discouragement, leaving them with the mind set of giving up and deciding to live the easiest and illegal way of life.

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