Compare and Contrast: Osama and a Thousand Splendid Suns

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Updated: Oct 21, 2022
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“We cannot all succeed when half of are held back” – Malala Yousafzai

In class we have been reading A thousand Splendid suns and while reading this story we had learned about the Taliban and the awful things they had been doing. While reading this book we got a female perspective and what it was like to witness what was going on for years but with the movie Osama we got a glimpse of what it was like to be a little girl in Afghanistan but we also how entire families have been suffering all because of their genders but we also got a different perspective on what it is like to be a male and what it’s like to go to a Taliban school.

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In A thousand splendid suns and Osama yes they are similarities between the two but they were also differences between them.

I’m going to tell you the similarities between the two. They both talked about the Taliban and their rules and they both showed the hardships that that females had been going through like abuse, sexually assault,arranged marriages, discriminating against people gender and polygamy and many other things an example of arranged marriages is in the book Mariam was arranged to marry Rasheed by Mariam father who also emotionally abused her just like Rasheed but way worse he abused her for years and then lied to laila so she would marry him and then abused her and almost killed her same thing with Osama she was discriminated because of her gender she was abused she was forced into arranged marriage she was also sexually assaulted by her husband.

The difference between the book and the movie was in the movie she had to pretend that she was a man so she could get money to support her family because it was a Taliban rule that women could not work and it was also they couldn’t walk the streets without a man but in A thousand splendid suns they focused on the stories of Mariam and Laila.

In conclusion both Osama and thousand have similarities but they are also have differences between the two. I also read about the taliban and how they treated men with the utmost respect but treated the women like trash.I have learned so much from this experience I have learned that people have been stereotyping Afghanistan and its people for years making them seem like monsters when they are people just like u.

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