Christianity Vs. Islam

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Christianity and Islam are widely practiced across the world and bring two vastly different cultures. In the United States, Christianity is the most popular, while Islam is slowly growing and being accepted in the larger cities like Deerpark, MI where the entire city is now deemed Islamic. Christian churches can be found on just about every corner of every town in the US, especially in the southeastern states which are nicknamed the bible belt for that reason. The differences in the two cultures is enough to make close living quarters awkward and quarrelsome.

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Each religion is so strongly different in its beliefs and life outlooks that there is usually no room for agreement on any aspect of them.

The bible that Christians use today was compiled and written around 500 ad. After Jesus’s death, Christians wanted to preserve the history and facts for generations, until the 2nd coming that is promised in the Holy Bible. Around the same time that the bible was written, a supposed profit named Muhammed, claimed to have a new religion and wrote a new bible, called the Koran, in contrast to the Holy Bible. Although mentioning Jesus’ existence in the Koran, Muhammed proclaimed that he was sent from God, not Jesus. The Koran spills of violence and promotes hatred toward Christians. Many groups of terrorists claim violence for the sake of their leader Muhammed, and they celebrate the hatred and violence publicly. The Koran promises an afterlife or second life filled with sexual pleasure and they excitedly demonstrate their allegiance to their profit, Muhammed, and dedicate their life to committing as many crude acts as possible toward Christians in order to secure their place in the afterlife. I suspect most of the Muslims in North America choose to be peaceful neighbors because they are outnumbered in the US. They want to spread their gospel here but and promote it with a peaceful appeal. In their native area***, Christians are singled out and then mocked and tortured specifically for being a Christian. Many Christians have to risk their lives by hiding their religion in the Muslim dominate countries, creating underground churches and secretive worship services. There have also been Christians in the US that have claimed religion trying to excuse their lawbreaking and violent natures of torturing, abuse, and even the murders of innocent people, although it is a rare occurrence in comparison to the violence in the name of Islam.

In Christianity, there are different branches of beliefs that put distance in the churches and provoke arguments amongst other Christians. Arguments often arise with different meanings and translations of the bible and also with the changes in society over time. In Islam, they are similar in that some believe in violence, while others practice prayer routines but translate their Koran into a peaceful act of living.

Christians do not have restrictions on advancements with women on education or positions of political power. In contrast, the Islamic culture prevents women from driving cars or making life decisions for themselves, and even most believe women should wear head coverings and clothing that hide their bodies including a woman’s arms and legs.

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