Food Waste Causes and Effects

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Updated: Jan 18, 2024
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Food waste means to throw food away even it is still able to eat. According to The European Commission, food waste means misuse combined with fresh or cooked food components and combines food abandoned at any moment, which means in family units associating with food waste created before, during or after food preparedness, such as skins of garden produces, cut of flesh, and decay or oversupply materials or cooked food. (van der Werf, Seabrook, and Gilliland, 2018).

A whole adaption popular immediate survey that combine a wide area of discarded classes, combining food waste, is taken over by districts, which is family unit discarded composition in Ontario, Canada.

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Also about 35 percent of family unit discard garbage, which means that this rate deserves 2.4 kilograms per week. (van dar Werf, Seabrook, and Gilliland, 2018). Countries should make more efforts to reduce food waste because abundant food has been discarded all over the world, and continuing to discard food waste affects the environment, makes the gap more bigger between developed countries and developing countries, and waste of water.

Food waste leads to environmental contamination, cutting down the forest and landfills, and increasing CO2. In Japan, the way how to throw the trash away is generally burning. In this case, the ash is emitted from the burned garbage. It is necessary to place thrown out ash. The environment is broken down by action of human beings. Japanese people need to the place to put the ash. They cut down the forest. Also sea is filled up to make the place, which requires a large place to make a garbage treatment plant. However, there are no place to build it because there are already built lots of buildings. For example in a center of the Tokyo bay, a small island ascend beyond the horizon. The island is made out of garbage, which means that the island is filled up with garbage. The island will be used a huge artificial park about 1,000 hectares.

It is called “”Umi no Mori””. When looking to the future, there will be no place to build on landfill until 2070. Actually there will be place, however these are for shipment.(Hornyak, 2017). Historically, in the Edo period (1603-1868), Japanese people repeatedly used what they used. However the rapid industrialization began, the way of garbage disposal was changed gradually. That is why a garbage treatment place is forced to build on the landfill. Also, abundant carbon dioxide is emitted by burning garbage. Because of carbon dioxide, global warming is advancing and cause lots of problems. For example, the glacier is melted by increasing temperature at the Antarctica. This situation causes an issue, marine transgression. Then some animals, such as Polar bears, penguins, seals, go extinct because there is no place to live gradually. (Milman, 2017). Because of burned trash and releasing ash, the environment result in landfilling, Biodiversity loss, and increasing CO2.

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