Cannabis Chefs: Cooking up a New Career Path

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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A cannabis chef is someone whom has the same knowledge and qualifications as a professional chef but uses the medicinal properties of cannabis to enhance their cooking and provide people with its medical benefits. I feel this would be a great career fit for me because I enjoy cooking and I would like to be able to show people the benefits of food that has been infused with cannabis. With new laws and regulations being made nationwide, and within New York State, a cannabis chef is an obvious career choice for someone who enjoys cooking and helping others seek medical treatment through the medicinal qualities of cannabis edibles.

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This career would also give me the opportunity to help people. What appeals to me about this career is that I think it I could make it into a business that I could incorporate into the food truck business which is also currently a popular eating trend.

In the cannabis chef career they are cautious about how much CBD (cannabidiol)and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinols) they infuse into the food for people to eat. CBD effects the human brain without a high, and THC on the other hand, provides pain relief as well as a high. I see being a cannabis chef on a whole other level than just being a chef. A cannabis chef is far better because a person can actually make more money than a regular chef if they (I) play my cards right and go along with FDA and USDA standard regulations and rules. A cannabis chef will need to abide by certain legal requirements. People who are cannabis chefs must be at least 21 years old and be willing to live in a state where marijuana can be legally used. Cannabis chefs need to to have knowledge of how a professional kitchen works. The person must know how different stations in the kitchen work, how to prepare and maintain a safe working space, an awareness of kitchen hazards and foodborne illnesses and know about food safety. Menu planning and catering would also be valuable knowledge to have.

A cannabis chef prepares food and beverages that contain marijuana or cannabis extracts as part of their ingredients. The daily duties would be meal planning and recipe preparation. The best part of the day would probably be the end of it where you were cleaning up. The most difficult or challenging part would be when you have a busy time and end up with a twelve-top table where everyone wants different meals especially if they all have different dietary needs.

A person who chooses the career of cannabis chef needs strong basic culinary skills. The person would use this base to write and create recipes that can have ingredients like CBD and THC added to them but not lose the flavor. A cannabis chef must also be creative and they infuse both food and beverages with marijuana. A Cannabis Chef does this by dividing the percentage infused chemical of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or Cannabidiol (CBD) to the FDA and USDA standards regulations so it can be incorporated with foods. Following recipes, using different kinds of kitchen equipment is essential, just like for any chef. The Cannabis chef needs knowledge of cooking with butters and oils that contain cannabis extracts. I feel that I am well suited for this career because I love experimenting with food and I have some knowledge of the properties of marijuana. I am also outgoing and like sharing information with people and I like to help people.

A person training to become a cannabis chef would need to continue on in culinary arts training. They may want to earn an associates degree from a 2 year school or community college, or a bachelor’s degree. Future chefs will need classes that teach them how to safely prepare food, keep a kitchen sanitized, plan menus and build their skills. Most schools require that students do an internship so they are familiar with the culinary work environment. Someone who is specifically hoping to become a cannabis chef may want to get a certificate that shows they have learned about cannabis as a health benefit. Programs that do this teach about growing cannabis and making products from it. These classes also teach how marijuana affects the body. Cannabis chefs also need to know about legal issues surrounding cannabis. Depending on the state you live in, there might be restrictions. You could learn about this through online classes at and you could attend the Culinary Institute of America for your basic training. Since being a cannabis chef is not yet a mainstream career, much of your information would have to come from networking with other people who are in the field. Prospective chefs can also receive training by working as an apprentice and working their way up.

Often chefs can take their skills on the road by owning a restaurant on wheels in the form of a food truck. A person who owns and manages a food truck has other qualifications and rules that the must follow. They have to have a license and a permit for their vehicle. They also need to have permits to sell food and handle food as well as Certifications from the department of health and the fire department. To do this, food truck owners need to check requirements from the US Small Business Administration. Having this as part of a cannabis chef would allow a chef to travel and meet people who also enjoy cooking.

A cannabis chef could make between $50,000-$100,000 based on experience and how good you are. Also you need to live in an area where there is a demand for this kind of cooking and where it is legal so you don’t run into unexpected problems. When people start out in the culinary field they often start as line cooks or sous chefs. If you are starting your own business, you will need a significant amount of money to get a location, supplies to open and start a restaurant and to hire staff. You would also need insurance for your business and your workers. If you worked as a personal chef, you might not have the expenses and could get experience.

In conclusion, I would choose this career because I feel I could make a living doing something that I love. The cannabis industry is growing fast and people are often willing to try new foods and alternative health methods. Ultimately I would like to set up my career in the state Maine as it is a legal state.

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