Is Cannabis Legal?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There is a lot of Pros and Cons of smoking Cannabis. Some of the Pros are it can help with epilepsy. It can help with pain, it isn’t a pain killer but it helps calm it down. If you’re feeling nauseous Cannabis will help. But smoking cannabis isn’t the only way to ingest it, there is a few ways to consume marijuana. One way to consume it is by eating edibles, when you eat edibles your not putting your lungs in harm cause it breaks down in the stomach and enters the bloodstream.

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Another way to consume it is by Vaping it, when you vape it your not getting as much toxins as would by smoking out of a pipe, or a blunt. Cannabis has a few medical uses but the main component that is used for medical uses is CBD. CBD which is know as cannabidiol, it is the component that doesn’t get you the “high” feeling. The component that does get you high is THC which is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol.

One main question is why is Cannabis legal if it’s so bad.

United States is the second biggest Cannabis smoking population in the world. Out of the whole Country 16.3% of Americans smoke Cannabis. Iceland is the 1st with about 18.3%, about 8.4 million people smoke everyday. There is a lot of people that think smoking makes people lazy, but there’s a lot of different strains. There is two kinds Sativa and Indica, Sativa is the kind of Cannabis that gives you a more energetic feeling and makes you feel more creative at least that’s what you think when you’re on the Sativa strain. Indica is the one that everyone knows stoners as, it makes you tired and very hungry.

Smoking almost everyday can make you lose a little weight. A good thing about Cannabis is that you don’t need to take any kind of pills. A study by scientists from Germany and Israel showed that Cannabis can increase nerve cells in the brain. People say Cannabis isn’t addicting but in reality if you do anything everyday it is a basically an addiction, but it’s not a physical addiction. Cannabis isn’t recommended if you don’t have any health issues.

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