Sports and Cannabis

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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As legal cannabis sweeps the nation for both medical and recreational purposes, everyday athletes are turning to it as a means for both Relief and motivation. The idea of linking a workout and using cannabis used to be a far-fetched idea. Increasingly there are a lot of athletes who are starting to appreciate the effects of cannabis for the before and after effects on the body after exerting physical energy. Cannabis used to be taboo when discussing it in terms of athletes or in sporting events, but many individuals are now finding that cannabis is increasing their performance well relaxing them overall.

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There are several types of athletes who use cannabis in a daily workout regimen. Many people who prefer individual workout such as running skiing surfing or swimming have found that using cannabis prior to working out keeps them focused. Depending on coordination and activity level, many athletes have found that cannabis keeps them focused well being even more in tune with their physical body. In instances like individual sports where focus is the main goal, cannabis has been a beautiful option without side effects.

There are so many options for finding the ratio of THC and CBD balance that many athletes are able to find something that works for them depending on the situation. CBD is increasingly more popular with athletes during their regimen or work out. Because of the medicinal and healing properties of CBD, it is able to reduce pain and inflammation on the body so the workout is easier to accomplish. CBD is the part of the plant that does not interfere or make you feel high, but it does wonders on the effects of relaxing the body.

On the other end of the spectrum THC has been used as far as helping people to focus and Achieve mental Clarity. Many athletes who are extremely focused and determined have found that the THC increases their awareness of what their body is doing in relation to the world around them. Every person is different, but with the availability of cannabis, athletes are finding that this alternative is so much healthier than using pills, or suffering in Silence with nothing.

In speaking with many different athletes, and everyday people who like to work out, there are generally four types of medications that are can be used in conjunction with people who are physically active. For decades doctors have been prescribing pills to help with pain, muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory and sleep aids. Cannabis can replace all of those pills and has been shown to be effective for treating each of those symptoms. Unfortunately we are still fighting the stigma which is preventing athletes from getting a healthy alternative.

Science backs up this sensation. A quick refresher course on how weed works: When you ingest marijuana—whether via smoke, vape, or edibles—its chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, combine with your brain and body’s receptors that regulate pain, emotions, appetite, and memory. The compound called cannabidiol (CBD) is nonpsychoactive and brings about that calm and relaxed feeling. The other main compound is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive chemical that generates feelings of euphoria, relaxed inhibitions, lack of focus, and sometimes drowsiness.

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