Artificial Intelligence is a Computer

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Updated: Apr 28, 2019
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As humanity advances it is essential for us to advance. We need to keep up with modern innovations and continues to progress as our technology continues to become better. AI should become a part of our daily lives and help us out with our daily tasks. I think AI will continue to develop and eventually will become a very common thing. If AI continues to develop it will become very helpful thing in many different fields. AI will be an important part in the medical field, military, and space exploration.

Artificial intelligence is a computer that can do human activities that other computers cannot do. AI is an artificial human that can do everything that a human can do including talking, decision making, and have its own thoughts. Artificial intelligence does not have to be in an android form. AI can also be in the form of a self-driving car like tesla. This Artificial Intelligence can make its own decisions depending on how other cars are driving and based on its knowledge. Artificial Intelligence has human qualities in a robot or machine that a computer cannot do. AI is basically a robot that can do everything a human can do.

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AI is very similar to a human brain because they both send electric charges. These brains of both humans and AI can do the same thing because AI brains are made based on the way human brains work. AI brain have neurons like human brains do and they both communicate the same way. They both will learn and develop the same way since they are structured the same way. These brains will think in a very similar way because AI brains are made to think in the ways humans do. AI brains are copies of human brains put into a robot using artificial intelligence. AI can evolve and eventually become as smart as humans or even smarter because AI can be pushed to different limits because we know how the brain works. We can use AI to solve our problems and do our daily work for us. AI can evolve to become a highly intelligent robot that can do everything that human can and do much more. All in all, AI is a robot or machine that can do everything that a human can do and possibly evolve to do much more.

AI will be a very important aspect of the medical field because it will be essential in many future procedures. AI intelligence will be very key in many surgery because of the precision that a robot can have over a human. I think that if artificial intelligence continues to advance I think that many surgical procedures will have a robot or android with artificial intelligence doing the surgery. AI can be coded and made to perform perfect procedures on patients and have the pinpoint accuracy that a human might not always have. I still think that artificial intelligence should still be monitored my humans because artificial intelligence is coded by humans so a doctor should be there in case anything goes wrong. After all, I think that AI will be very essential is the development of the medical field, but I still think the artificial intelligence should be monitored by a doctor.

AI is going to be a very important aspect of the military. Artificial intelligence will change the way our military is strategically planned and coordinated. I think the sending AI instead of humans is a much smarter option because we dont put human lives at risk. AI can be used make robotic tanks, airplanes, and highly trained soldiers. These military assets can be monitored by humans at a safe place. Humans can control and override their actions if necessary. AI will be able to perform better actions with human intelligence while not putting humans at risk. AI will further advance our military and make it the most advanced in the world while not putting humans at risk.

AI will continue to develop and I believe it will eventually be used in advanced space exploration. AI will be able to run simulations at a faster rate that humans will be able to. They will be able to go to other planets and make them suitable for humans. They will let us know if the planet has the essential necessity to sustain human life. Artificial intelligence will let us know about the environment and analyze samples of material in the planet. They will learn and eventually make the land more suitable of humans. They can start fertilizing the soil and make irrigation systems for plants. Also, AI will run many simulations to let us know if it will be possible to live in the planet and survive the travel.

They will run simulations and find the best way to travel and maybe discover faster methods of space traveling. Furthermore, as the development of AI continues, artificial intelligence will be used to further advance our space exploration.

All in all, artificial intelligence will continue to develop and eventually be very common. AI will be very important in the development of the medical field, military, and space exploration. AI should be limited because humans have to be priority over artificial intelligence. AI should help us do our tasks with human supervision. They can help with the surgery in the medical field, the drones super solders in the military, and running simulations for space exploration. In conclusion, artificial intelligence should continue to develop but should be limited and supervised.

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