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The Movement of Women’s Rights

Words: 2547 Pages: 8 5118

“Feminism is a periodic movement and political theory that takes the stand to fight for the constitutional, industrial, and civil rights for women. “Feminist theorists and activists share a commitment to end women’s subordination in both public and domestic life but determining what this means in practice is an ongoing source of contention” (Hanagan and […]

Topics: Argument, Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles, Human Rights

Bible and Immigration Research

Words: 1680 Pages: 6 3998

Grudem’s main focus is the health of the nation how increasing diversity and ethnic communities would kill the nation from the inside out (mixed loyalty, inability to understand each other due to different languages being spoken, etc). His starting assumption is that illegal immigration is toxic to the nation, and that while as Christians we […]

Topics: Argument, Bible, Christianity, Cultural Assimilation, Immigration, Jesus, Multiculturalism

Conception on the Simulation Theory

Words: 1543 Pages: 5 4047

The conception of reality is a construct many philosophers have dwelled on, and many have attempted to devise doctrines and theories on the topic, in hopes of answering this dilemma and achieving a greater understanding of the universe. A philosopher named Nick Bostrom developed a theory that viewed reality and existence as a computer simulation […]

Topics: Argument

Is Violence Media Good for Kids?

Words: 798 Pages: 3 5549

Children usually learn better from what they see than what parents or teachers teach them. Even though, parents usually tell your children that violent media is not good for them, they should not try to play it, and it has to be forgotten completely, but some of them still try to play it, and many […]

Topics: Argument, Bias, Evidence, Media Violence, Research, Violence

Existence of God: Arguments of Descartes and Aristotle

Words: 1455 Pages: 5 5101

The knowledge of God and his existence has been presented in many philosophical works through time, starting with Plato and his dialogues, to Leibniz and more. Though many philosophers have acknowledged the existence and knowledge of God, their definition of God differs and as a consequence of their explanation and interpretation of the nature of […]

Topics: Argument
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Gerard Jones’ Biased Evaluation of Violence in Media

Words: 840 Pages: 3 5529

In the essay “Violent Media Is Good for Kids”, Gerard Jones is arguing that violent media is more beneficial than harmful to children. In his essay, Jones explains how it is important for children to have a medium in which they can express their feelings in, instead of repressing them deep within themselves. Jones maintains […]

Topics: Argument, Child, Media Violence, Pathos, School Violence, Violence

Speech about Racial Profiling

Words: 793 Pages: 3 4143

The professional speaker that I went to see was Natalie Stoljar. She is a philosophy professor at McGill University. She gave her speech in Farber Hall. The topic that she was talking about was racial profiling and whether or not it was discriminatory. She did not go into all of the aspects of racial profiling […]

Topics: Argument, Crime, Epistemology, Racial Profiling

College and African American Male: Basketball Athletes

Words: 974 Pages: 3 4034

As a freshman in college, I acknowledge and recognize the fact that college can be a challenging experience. The college experience can become even more challenging when you factor in sororities, clubs, fraternities, sports and other school activities. The article that I have decided to use for my analysis is, “College and the African American […]

Topics: Argument, Basketball, Research, Statistics, Student Athlete, United States

PHL 130: Moral Philosophy

Words: 2135 Pages: 7 3346

Abortion Given the circumstances between Dante and Beatrice, I do believe it would be morally legitimate for Beatrice to get an abortion because they both practiced safe sex in an attempt to avoid getting pregnant. Although, in my opinion, I believe that it would be morally legitimate in any circumstance for a woman to have […]

Topics: Abortion, Adoption, Argument, Autonomy, Pregnancy, Social Issues

Self-Deception Can be the Key to Human Happiness

Words: 837 Pages: 3 4677

“Many people may have thought once about whether self-delusion is good or bad. Although self-deception might be probably a wrong thing, a little self-deception might be just what people need to get through the day. Self-Deception can be the key to human happiness or will self-deception might lead people to ruin and misery, at least […]

Topics: Argument

Youth and Different Factors of Aggression

Words: 1056 Pages: 4 4130

Introduction The debate focusing on whether violent video violent cause aggression in youth or not is much more than just small talk at dinner among mothers. Concerns of the outcome on the youth when exposed to more violent video games has even faced the U.S Supreme Court, when Steven F. Gruel and Patricia A. Millett […]

Topics: Argument, Clinical Psychology, Experiment, Neuroscience, Peer pressure, Video Game, Violence

Plato: the Good Life

Words: 1254 Pages: 4 4288

Plato describes that the ‘good life’ consists of knowing the Form of Good. According to Plato, the material world, as it seems to us, is not the real world but it is only a shadow or an imitation of the real world. In his theory of forms, Plato makes a distinction between objects that are […]

Topics: Argument

Essay the Allegory of the Cave

Words: 1060 Pages: 4 4545

Imagine a world without the distractions in daily living, close family or friends, love, religion, and other traditional things that raises our society upon. This is the style of life that Plato thought society should act in order to function to relate more to a perfect environment. Plato portrays this idea into a story called […]

Topics: Argument

Varieties of Knowledge in Plato and Aristotle

Words: 859 Pages: 3 3762

Have you ever wondered how someone depicts the truth from a lie? Or maybe even wondered how do we know what we know? Two philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, sought out to help us understand the why we do what we do and how do we know what we know. Both philosophers’ debate in the knowledge […]

Topics: Argument

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Words: 561 Pages: 2 4328

Arguments behind ethical relativism. The discussions presented by James Rachel on the issue of cultural relativity and the ethical relativity is the premise that different cultures have different moral codes that guide given actions of individuals. In that sense, variations in the morality from one culture to another provides space to assert that right or […]

Topics: Argument, Epistemology, Morality, Theory

Story of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Words: 1187 Pages: 4 4055

Describe the story of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in detail. Three prisoners chained in a cave and only the wall in front of them is visible. Behind their heads are fire and a walkway between them. They haven’t seen the world outside of the cave since they were born. One day one of the […]

Topics: Argument

The Book is Composed of Two Sections

Words: 1141 Pages: 4 3802

The primary manages extensively theoretical issues, while the second section concentrates more on connected issues. The readings are assembled specifically into sections, each of which starts with a short (Typically a couple of pages) introduction composed by the editors. One astounding highlight of the volume is that a few yet not all of the papers […]

Topics: Argument, Book, Morality, Natural Environment, Sustainability

Graded Assignment

Words: 3752 Pages: 13 4054

What is a theme of “The Road Not Taken”? How does the writer develop the theme? Write at least two paragraphs in which you trace the development of the theme of the poem and analyze how specific details shape the theme. Use evidence from the text to support your response. Your response should be two […]

Topics: Argument, Liberty, The Road Not Taken

The Electoral College and the Problems that Come with it

Words: 2937 Pages: 10 5770

The year was 1785. America had just won the war against Britain for their independence. Representatives from every state gathered in Philadelphia for the first ever Constitutional Convention, to decide how the newly formed nation would run. It was here that the Founding Fathers created the guidelines for government. While some ideas that were created […]

Topics: Argument, Electoral College, Voting

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