Analysis of the Book about Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Have you ever wondered who discovered the west of the us? Well you should read this non-fiction book about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Here you will learn about why they were sent and who sent them and who helped them.

Map Of The West

President Thomas Jefferson sent a team of 31 people to go explore the west. The reason was for people to know what was in the west and to make a map of the west of the US.

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Another reason is the Homestead Act of 1862. The team of people that would be the 31 people were called the Corps of discovery. And that the team started after the louisiana purchase. And started  in st. Louis , Missouri and ended by the Pacific Ocean. I also bet you that when they were going over lower of the Missouri river they were like how much longer, later it’s been 78 years no it’s been 10 minutes. NO!!!

Corps Of Discovery

Lewis and Clark brought a team of 31 people called the corps of discovery they were sent to explore the west of the US. They were created in May of 1804 and disbanded in September 1806. They were sent to make a accurate map of the US. The two main leaders in the corps of discovery were Lewis and Clark the reason Clark was that Lewis asked him if he wanted to join, while Lewis was Thomas  private secretary and asked to do this massive task. Lewis task was to go to the Pacific Ocean and make a map of the US during the trip Lewis brought the Corps of discovery and on the trip they met Sacagawea. Sacagawea was a translator and a navigator for the team of the Corps of discovery.


Sacagawea helped the team of the Corps of discovery by saying what food is edible or non-edible to eat and helping by building shelters and fend off animals. During the trip Sacagawea had her baby on her back and traveled with her husband Toussaint charbonneau. Sacagawea helped in many ways, including being  a translate and what is a good route to take. And to get supplies from other tribes. Six years after the expedition she died of a serious illness and William Clark adopted her children.


To sum this up this story is about the Lewis and Clark expedition I also hope you got the answers you wanted and that you learned more about this topic and I enjoyed making this non-fiction paper.

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