Significance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Lewis and Clark Expedition is an important part of our history. This informational text talks about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It talks about how the travelers had a hard time and how they went through the land. There are three important parts in the Lewis and Clark Expedition the important people, the problems they faced, the route they took.

  The Important People

Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18th, 1774 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  After his father died 1779, he went to his mother and step-father’s house.

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Lewis had no  education until the age of 13, but when he was in Georgia he enhanced his skills as a hunter and outdoorsman. When he was young he started loving the outdoors then his mother taught him how to gather wild herbs after he started loving the outdoors. He was also interested in Natural History. When Meriweather grew up he became an explorer, he led the Corps of Discovery on an expedition, Lewis died on Oct 11,1809.

William Clark was born on  August 1, 1770, in Caroline County, Virginia. When he turned to the age of 33, Meriwether Lewis assigned Clark to share leadership with him for the Corps of Discovery. Clark had to help Lewis lead the Corps of Discovery through the West. They were trying to find the Pacific Ocean, Clark died on Sep 1,1838

The Problems they faced

One of the problems they faced is very bad weather, encounters with the natives, and animals and insects. Some of the the bad weather is rain storms, hail storms, and snow storms.

Some of the encounters with the natives are the blackfeet indians. Some of the animals and insects are grizzly bears ( Meriwether Lewis was almost killed by a grizzly bear ) the Corps of Discovery faced about 40 bears. Mosquitoes were also really bad the travelers had a very hard time with mosquitoes.

The Route they took

The route that Lewis and Clark took was from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington The route travels through 12 states. The route was 3,700 miles long. The Native Americans helped the travelers along the way by trading with with them and they gave them supplies like food, and water. This expedition was very difficult because the Corps of Discovery had to go through the Mississippi river, witch caused them to get stuck in the mud of the Mississippi.

In summary, this paper was about the Lewis and Clark Expedition,  the important people involved, the problems they faced and, the route that they took. Would you have been brave enough to go on the expedition?

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