Analysis of Arguments on Human Soul

In Phaedo by Plato, there are only three primary arguments made on the eternal of the human soul. The first case is the Cyclical Argument which is the soul that goes from the living human beings to the dead, and later from the corpse back to the living beings, in a natural cycle among the two.

The second argument is the argument on Recollection, where most human beings have some prior knowledge of the time their souls were in previous lives. The third case is the Affinity Argument, this is where all the souls of human beings have the capability of seeing or accessing dissimilar things than human bodies can, and this the reason human beings souls carry on living even when their bodies die. Plato uses the above point of views, the Cyclical Argument which is the case from Recollection and the Affinity Argument which argues about the immortality of the human souls his works in Phaedo.

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In Phaedo, the first case of Plato is the Cyclical Argument which explains the cycle of the human soul, in his explanation Plato touches on many processes of passages in the human form like division and formation, heating and cooling, which equally involves a journey of human souls from one type to another.

This argument holds all the opposites although they are not mostly spoken in words they are generated from one form to another, and there is a passage or procedure from one of them to the other.The second argument, the Recollection theory, put out that learning is the critical act of recollecting things before humans are conceived, and then they forgot. True knowledge in Phaedo is the knowledge of the immortal and the definite forms that make the tangible reality.

The argument asserts that humans have an innate understanding of the meaning of something that is equal, although there are less equal things in the settings they habit. Most humans grasp Plato’s form of equality although they never encounter equality in their lifetimes, the human grasping of equality is a recollection of immortal understanding they had and forgot after birth.The final argument, which is the Affinity Argument, distinguishes between the not so important things, the unseen and immortal and the things that are detectable, materialistic and vulnerable. The soul belongs to the category and the human body to the latter.

The human soul is in the permanent form in this phase however the immortality is in different forms. Here the human that is not connected well with the body takes the form of a ghost, and the detached soul dwells free in heaven.

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