American Muslims in the United States

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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How are Muslim immigrants treated in America? Muslims face challenges in their local communities every day, many immigrants have be arrested and falsely accused of terrorism because of the stereotypes labeled on islamic people. America has a very tough law on terrorism and some of these immigrants have been affected by these laws. Most of these immigrants come to America to have a better lifes not to cause terror on the american citizens. After Trump became president things have gotten very difficult on the muslims, because he isn’t a big fan of them, and has made several racist remarks.

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Now every Muslim in the world feels like they are being treated as terrorist because they are all now suspects in the eye of America and its allies.

Are muslims related to everything that is bad or evil in history today? The immigrant experience is deeply ingrained in the fabric of islam in america and that is probably why so much hate is given to them. Muslim americans aren’t the first religious or ethnic group considered a threat to america’s religious and cultural unity. At the turn of the 20th century, jewish and italian immigrants were vilified in the mainstream as racially inferior to other americans. Racism is a malignant tumor on the heart of America. The tumor is enduring. It is stubborn and has been poorly treated. The United States is an exclusive society, it is trying so hard to exclude all the muslims in this country. Everyone’s trying so hard to make them invisible, america has had discrimination against minorities for a long time. This is a genetic discrimination because it is only towards the muslims and has been going on for such a long time. Islamophobia must be brought to an ending, America must do better racial profiling against Muslims must be brought to an end immediately.

See a muslim, think danger. According to the book Discrimination opposing viewpoints by Thomson Gale there is societal discrimination against the members of the Shi’a minority. The majority of citizens support a state based on law and oppose public non muslim worshipers . “ The assumptions driving terrorism profiling are the same as those behind traditional, street-level profiling thats a particular crime” (Gale page 77). Islamophobia justifies systemic discrimination and violence against muslims in the united states and throughout the world. Just with the racial profiling and discrimination directed against this group, islamophobia threatens peoples collective safety, civil and religious rights, freedom of assembly, and freedom from discrimination and attack. “ First it is not true that terrorist acts are necessarily prepared by Arabs, or that the perpetrator of a terrorist act is likely to be Arabs”( Gale page 77) . All muslims are seen as a threat because of the Arab nationals that were involved in september 11 hijacking.

One’s behavior should not justify the behavior of an entire population. Hate crimes against American muslims have soared to their highest levels since the aftermath of the Sept.11,2001 attack. According to data compiled by researches. The difference between Muslim and Christian nations is dramatic. The 9/11 attack created fear in america, sometimes ugly physical assaults, religious profiling, and personal discrimination. Across the political spectrum, most people agree that there is a lot of discrimination against muslims.’’When asked about their own religious status, one in every five Americans muslims (19%) say they think of themselves as belonging to a minority because of their religious beliefs while 78% do not number’’(Gale page 89). Employment discrimination against islamic people is widespread in the US to the point where the act of a women wearing a headscarf was often what triggered such discrimination.

In addition to everything that was said it’s not hard to realize that america doesn’t care about the islamic people. Eid is a islamic holiday, Eid al Adha is very well known holiday all around the world. Eid is a festival of sacrifice which marks the completion of the annual hajj, during the festival of eid muslims celebrate Ibrahim’s trial. Eid Al Adha is a holiday that is celebrated everywhere in the world and it isn’t known here in the United States. Most Americans are clueless about holidays of other countries because America doesn’t care to acknowledge any of the non american holidays. Christmas is a national holiday where christians celebrate the life of jesus, why can’t eid be a national holiday? “ Religion’s salience for today’s immigrant group, along the above lines, is a good example of how the immigrant assimilation process is multidimensional”(Bulut para 16). In the article Religion and Assimilation Among Turkish Muslim Immigrants the author states that “ culture is difference that makes a difference.”(Bulut para 16) In america the only culture that is important is the american culture, that’s why many immigrants feel excluded and unwanted. It’s very hard for the muslim people to practice/ believin the islamic religion when kids go to schools with uniforms and they are required to wear short skirts, and short sleeve shirts. America isn’t concerned about what other religions can and cannot do and that’s where the religion assimilation begins at.

Right now, the media and trump have strengthened a viral climate of fear against muslim Americans. Right now republican candidates such as trump are single-handedly campaigning against inclusion of muslims in the American society “Muslim ID cards”(Carr para 25). America gives birth to bigots like Trump and his supporters and expects immigrants to feel at home in America. American Muslims and all americans who value religious pluralism have a lot at stake. An under radar trend of business illegally discriminating against Muslims has swept the national in recent years.

In the article Muslim Women walks in the Borough of Queens the author states that “ Bigoted business owners have declared that their restaurants in Shreveport, gun ranges and shops in Oklahoma, ARkansas, Florida, and Kentucky, and their grocery stores in ALBuquerque, closed for business to Muslims”( Petri para 16). In order to challenge these discriminatory actions, American Muslims must rely on robust and meaningful civil rights laws and protections. It may be true that the discrimination against Muslims in America is crucial how however, America is home to one of the most diverse Muslim population in the world. It includes people of almost every ethnicity, country and school of thought. Pew research center surveys of American Muslims have consistently shown a trend toward growing acceptance of mainstream American views. Pews latest review indicates that Muslim immigrants and their children has grown by 60 percent, from 1.7 million in 2007 to 1.6 million in 2017.

Muslim immigrants are taking part in this shift toward more liberal views, Muslim immigration which is large in relative terms is not regarding muslim assimilation. Jefferson Thompson said,” since the very first Muslims landed on this continent as enslave africans, Muslims like other immigrants have been apart of this history of america. And today they refuse to be limited by misconceived ideas about them”( Thompson para 39). Two thirds of the people in America are Muslims, the Muslim population just keeps on increasing as the years goes by. But on the other hand a Pew research survey found that the attacks against muslims in 2016 surpassed the previous high in 2001.Half of the muslims in the U.S said that “ It has been more difficult to be a Muslim in the United states then it used to be” ( john 34). Many Muslims have faced intimidation, and threats of bodily harm and seen mosques and other places vandalized. Two thirds of the American Muslim say that they are dissatisfied with the way things are going in America today. If the president hates these people and makes racist remarks towards them of course the rest of the people would think that it’s okay to do so too. America needs to understand islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem”( Malcolm X). Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, America needs to understand that there is no ending.

Finally, after all of the issues that have been addressed hopefully America can do better. Discrimination, racial profiling, oppression, islamophobia have all helped increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes ranging from discrimination, and destruction of private property to violent threats, and assault some which resulted in death. Many immigrants came to America to start new lives and to see the opportunities that America has to offer them. Why would the immigrants risk all of that to cause terror on the american citizens? It is very unfair to judge a religion, better yet judging a religion based off stereotypes. The American people must do a better job at acknowledging other religions and cultures, America must start respecting the muslim people. The muslim population will only increase as the years go by. Muslim people have personally experienced at least one of the several specific types of discrimination, such as people acting suspicious of them or calling them offensive names. Being singles out by airport security or by some law enforcement, or being physically attacked or threatened. A clever man named Jermaine Jackson once said’ “ I think Muslims have become the new negroes in America, they are being mistreated at airports, by the immigration-everywhere. Islam is a religion of peace. They are wrong”(Jermaine). Islam is a religion of faith, and love, it teaches tolerance not hatred; peace not violence. Islam is a religion of mercy, how long will it take the american citizens to realize that?

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